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I like this song because even though it is a sad song about getting hurt, they still manage to put a melody that makes it lively and interesting, for its inspiring lyrics especially, the video.

Guy Sebastian starts the song with calm, peaceful and light voice and with a low pitch, then on 0:13 Lupe Fiasco sing the chorus with intense and powerful voice and with a high pitch. The tempo of this song is moderate to fast. They start it with a moderate tempo until 0:32, when Guy Sebastian starts rapping, then going back and forth to moderate to fast. It has consonant harmony, with homophonic texture.

This song is a triple meter. The song starts with the piano, with only 1 key repeatedly playing, then on 0:14 base starts playing together with the piano, then on 0:37 drums starts playing with all the other instruments.

Nick Seitz – Nas “Memory Lane” Element Entry



Rhythm – After listening to the song, we can hear that the song is written in duple meter with 2 beats per measure. Given that this is a song that you may be able to steadily bop your head to, I believe it would be safe to say the song has an andante tempo.

Melody – The song never really reaches a point to where it really sounds joyful and cheery, rather it sounds a little more on the calm and somber side. That being said, I would say the song is written in a minor scale.

Harmony –  From the beginning, the instrumentation seems to sound like an organ along with a bass guitar, and after 10 seconds in, the percussion comes in as well to accompany the main melody. This would also determine the song to have a homophonic texture. In each one of the choruses (1:28, 2:58), there also comes a scratch from a DJ to accompany as well. Nas certainly does not vary in his dynamics in this song. He stays right in between of being loud and quiet.

Form – Not completely sure, however, with an educated guess, I would say the song is written in ternary form. Part A is repeated almost all throughout the song except, I believe, in the chorus, which would make up part B, and then goes back to A.

Timbre – To me the music sounds almost like a grimy, but at the same time, calming.