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Animals – “House Of The Rising Sun”

The house of the rising sun is played in what seems to be triple meter, the song is quick but their is a steady tempo, which the bass guitars and the drums keep. Its really easy to identify the down beats because all the instruments play on it along with the singer, this happens throughout most of the song.

The chorus is steady as well, the singer brings up the main melody and he sings 3 beats per measure but the background melody played by the instruments seems to be at 6 beats per measure, so this song is homophonic. Most of the song is on a major scale but at certain points it seems to go into the minor scale around the 2 min 10 sec mark but then it comes back up later in the song to the major scale.

The song doesn’t have a lot of diversity in it, the piece is very steady with a build up and a fall throughout. That is what makes it very appealing to the ears, the chords alternate and they support this structure.

Within the song you can hear chords throughtout, they are part of the accompainment being played but it seems like their are only a few being played maybe 4or 5 different cords. The dynamics of the song change a lot throughout the song they build up then fall and build up again, this setup gives the song a very nice flow. Overall the song is steady, its structured around the chorus, and  it tells you a story.



Christina Aguilera – “Fighter”

First of all, I love this song because I think it is very inspirational.

This song is being played in duple meter and it is in minor scale. This song is in ternary form, ABAB. There are two main melodies here and 4 important sections to the song. Section 1 (0:00-0:22) is melody A which is a statement because it is a new idea. This section is being played by the piano and the violins. Section 2 (0:23-2:37), is melody B which is a contrast because it goes into a completely different direction. This section is played by the guitars and drums. Section 3 (2:38-2:54) is a repetition because melody A comes back. Section 4 (2:55-4:06) is also a repetition because melody B is being repeated. The violin is a bit sharp but the piano has a traditional sound. Together they put you in a sort of reflective and melancholy mood. The guitar have a very piercing sound and together with the drums, they empower you, like you can overcome anything. The texture of this song is homophonic because even though there are two main melodies, they are not being played at the same time. The tempo is moderato and the harmony is consonant. The dynamic is mezzo forte when the guitar and the drums are playing but mezzo piano when the violins and the piano are playing. The beginning is a recitative but the rest of the song is an aria.

The Who – “Bell Boy/Keith’s Theme”

Rhythm: This song is in duple meter. The tempo alternates between moderato (Roger Daltry singing), and andante (Keith Moon singing). Melody: Both vocalists sing with a medium-pitch, without much variation, with the exception of the vocal harmonization during the “Bell Boy” section. The majority of song is in major key, because of the upbeat feeling, but goes into minor key during the Keith Moon sections. The melodic structure is broken into two main, repetitive phrases: the first is when Roger Daltry is singing with instrumental accompaniment (see timbre), and the second is when Keith Moon is singing, with less prominent instrumental accompaniment (see timbre). Harmony: The harmony is found in the instrumental accompaniment. Some sections sound dissonant, probably because of the theatric qualities intermixed with classic rock ones, but for the most part, the song remains consonant. Timbre: The musical instruments accompanying the tenor voices are: electric guitar, electric bass guitar, drums and synthesizer. The timbre is specifically: cheery, bright, playful, theatric, and happy. Dynamics: The song is forte (f), or loud, mainly because of the electric instruments, and it is The Who…one of the loudest rock bands in history. Form: The song is in ternary form (ABA’). A = instrumentation, without vocals, B = Roger Daltry vocal section, A’ = Keith Moon vocal section. This pattern repeats itself throughout the entire song. Texture: There is only one main melody occurring with backing instrumentation, therefore the song is monophonic.

Sound Garden- “Black Hole Sun”

     This song is played in a duple meter, in which the downbeat is emphasized by the drums playing in the background and also when the singer ends the verse with “Sun”. Syncopation occurs at 2:59 when the guitar solo begins and disturbs the regular rhythm. There is also arpeggio occurring all throughout  the song such as at 0:17. According to Wikipedia, the guitar solo in Black Hole Sun is over a riff that alternates between 4/4 and 9/8 and is played in dropped D tuning.

     The entire song is played on a minor scale with various changes occurring amongst the guitar chords. Dissonance taking place can be heard at the very end of the song starting around 5:09.

     The instruments are in key with the singers voice except at certain times such as at 2:55 when the guitar solo introduces a melody of its own.

The Dynamics went from playing soft (piano) to forte as the song progressed.

     I had a difficult time identifying whether the song is homophonic or polyphonic. I believe it is polyphonic as the various guitars used would introduce what seemed to be a different melody specifically during the guitar solo.

I believe this piece is constructed in a ABA Ternary Form in which the first section comes to an end with the beginning of the second section at 2:55 which lasts until 3:26,which indicates the start of  the third and final section. There are numerous times where repetition within the lyrics as well as with the instrumental melody occur; making it difficult to identify whether or not a new section has begun.

     The Instruments used were the acoustic, distortion, over driven and bass guitars as well as the drums which kept a steady beat. The various guitars being played at the same time instilled a psychedelic, dark, and reminiscent mood. The Over driven and Distortion guitars provoked destruction and chaos while the acoustic guitar, using arpeggio brought back order and tranquility.




Led Zepplin-“Ramble On”


This song is in duple meter. This song has a moderate tempo. The rhythm at the beginning of the song is kept by an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar. At the chorus the first of which starts at 1:04 an electric guitar and drums help keep the rhythm which ends at 1:23 and enters again in the song periodically.

This song has very strong dynamic changes . It starts off with Robert Plants voice in a lower, softer pitch. The acoustic guitar also has a lower pitch. In between the song Robert Plant’s pitch continually alternates from low to high as he sings for example when sings “and it’s headed my way” or when the lower pitch he drags out ” sometimes I grow so tired” then instantly lifts the pitch ” I know one thing I gotta do”. The acoustic guitar stays the same pitch. When the chorus comes around Robert Plant’s voice stays in a  consistently high pitch then back to soft at the end of the chorus. At the chorus the melody changes with the additions of the electric guitar and the drums.

The harmony for most of the song is a simple chord progression on the acoustic guitar as well as the bass guitar which sounds as if it is playing down a scale. The entire song is played in a major scale. I feel as there is an example of dissonance at 0:47 when the acoustic guitar is playing in a lower key and Robert Plant’s voice gets forte “For now I smell the rain”.

There is not much accompaniment in most of the song. In the non chorus the bass guitar is accompanying the acoustic guitar, the bass almost sounds like it is playing down a scale. During the chorus an electric guitar begins playing. As well at the beginning of the chorus the drums start to play. At the end of the song there are two voices singing which I believe to both be Robert Plant’s.

At the beginning of the song the timbre is very peaceful, almost as if to feel like you are wandering around the woods . The chorus is very energetic. Almost as if you went from walking in the woods to starting to run.