Remote Access for CCH IntelliConnect

I’m not sure what’s going on at Wolters Kluwer with their CCH IntelliConnect database but I’ve now had to update EZproxy settings twice in the past month to keep up with changes Wolters Kluwer has been making on their end. Remote access had once again been disrupted over the weekend; thanks to the help of librarians on the EZproxy mailing list, I’ve got our remote access working again.

If you see any problems with remote access with this or any other database, please let me or Mike know ASAP.

Changes in CCH database listings on the Newman Library’s homepage

The Newman Library’s database listings were recently updated and references to CCH Business & Finance, CCH Capital Changes and CCH Tax as separate databases were removed. These resources are included in CCH Intelliconnect, as they have been for several years.

CCH Intelliconnet is the source you need to search CCH’s federal, state, and international tax resources, as well as Tax News, Journals and Newsletters.

Along with these tax sources, listed in the left column of available CCH Intelliconnect content, you will also find Capital Changes and business and finance topics listed.

CCH Intelliconnect is designed to enable searches over a wide variety of resources.  You may limit your search to be as specific as an individual source, such as CCH Capital Changes.

Please continue to use CCH Accounting Research Manager for accounting and auditing information. All other information subscribed to by The William and Anita Newman Library from CCH-Wolters Kluwer is provided by CCH Intelliconnect.

Availability of New 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act

CCH Intelliconnect, a Newman Library database, has the text, and explanation and analysis for the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. To locate it, logon to the database. You can find the Act by drilling down in the left column, and then limit the sources to Federal Taxation-Federal Tax Legislation and the Act is listed, or search all content for “american taxpayer relief act of 2012.” The second way will bring up a listing of explanations as well as the act.

ThomsonReuters  Checkpoint, another library database, also offers the text of the Act, and a RIA Special Study to the new act.  To locate them, click on the News tab and then the Federal Tax Weekly Alert to locate the information.

The Library of Congress has the text of the act available at

CCH Intelliconnect–a new way to search CCH

Starting this week, the Newman Library’s access to the CCH databases CCH Business & Finance, Capital Changes, and CCH Tax Research may be made through their new CCH Intelliconnect. (CCH’s Accounting Research Manager is not yet included in Intelliconnect.)

When you select any of the CCH databases listed on the Newman Library homepage, you will be promoted to sign up for Intelliconnect. I would suggest using your Baruch email address. Your password is your own choice.

Intelliconnect allows you to search everything we subscribe to from CCH. You can narrow your search to start with by going to Practice Areas. To eliminate areas to search, deselect them. For example, if you want only to search CCH Capital Changes, it is listed under CCH at Wall Street. Deselect everything but Capital Changes to run your search.

CCH has put together some quick two minute tutorials on searching that are to be recommended.

Basically, you can run a search and then filter your results through filters that appear in the left column.

I’m going to talk with Mike about how to best describe the new IntelliConnect on the Newman Library homepage and we’ll keep you posted.

Some information I learned at the SLA conference

Like Louise, I attended the SLA conference in D.C. two weeks ago.

Harry, Ryan and I did a poster session on Lessons Learned relating to  a workshop we arranged  and conducted for Prof. Cherny’s auditing class last fall relating to lessons learned from one of nine audit failures.  This poster session, organized for the first time at the conference, by librarian Karen McDonald, was very well received and the B& F division plans to make it an annual event.  The different presentations, dealing with information literacy and business information, are available at

I moderated a session on Tuesday morning in which Nell Minow, the co-founder of The Corporate Library, spoke on corporate governance issues, particularly executive compensation.  These contracts are required to be filed with the SEC.  Among her comments were that one should check the media releases about the contracts against the actual filings, which may be made several weeks following the media releases.  The session was well received by those who attended.  Ms. Minow had testified before a congressional committee  on executive compensation the week prior to the conference.

Some news from some vendors:

CCH will soon offer a new format to their web based resources, IntelliConnect.  One will be able to do a federated search of all subscribed CCH products.  Initially, this change will not include the CCH Accounting Research Manager, which will be incorporated into the new scheme in few months.  The change will take place before the fall semester begins.  I will keep you posted.  I think unless students select specific titles or laws or codes, that the results retrieved may be very overwhelming.  However, the results are separated into categories…such as regulations, case law, explanations, etc.

Audit Analytics was a first time vendor at the SLA conference.  Baruch College is one of the largest academic users of this product.  They recently added SEC comment letters to their service for an additional $4,000 a year.

A demonstration of Advertising Database was very interesting as this product focuses on brands and where they are advertised, with ad spending data and titles, email addresses and direct phone numbers for brand and ad agency decision makers.  Advertising Database is located in NYC.  I will pass the information on to Lisa.

Elsevier is offering a reaxys for chemists.  Information about this product is available at  In a vendor demonstration of this product, a chemist could find links to reactions of various chemicals, vendors for the chemicals, and links to research via Scopus that mentions the chemicals, all within reaxys.  I will confess to knowing very little about chemistry but this demonstration was impressive.

A number of vendors expressed thanks for business with Baruch and with CUNY.

Other information:

On Thursday morning, a “tour day”, I visited the National Archives downtown. I had not visited since a remodeling was completed several years ago.  The National Archives is 75 years old this year.  The major documents–the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., have been reincased.  They have very interesting exhibits on what the National Archives hold in the entry level to the rotunda where the documents are on display.   (Since you can’t take luggage into the National Archives, it is good to know that you can check luggage only at the 4th St. entrance to the National Gallery of Art, where your luggage will also be x-rayed. This entrance is not far from the Archives.)

One of the special exhibits at the National Gallery of Art is the still lives of the Spanish painter Luis Melendez.  I learned from a guide that he was one of the first painters to show chocolate in his paintings.  At the time, according to the guide,  the English thought ending a meal with sweets was not acceptable and referred to such a practice as being “very French,” an insult to the Spanish. Thankfully, ideas have changed. The National Gallery also has an exhibit of Judith Leyster’s paintings,  She was born 400 years ago in the Netherlands.