Lesson 5 – Shared Resource

I have 2 recommendations

  1. Haiti: Where Did the Money Go? A PBS special examining the the record amount of money given to Haiti actually ended up.

I remember in the days after the quake, the amount money pouring into the country of Haiti to rebuild. I also remember the countless pop up organizations more than happy to accept donations. Who holds overnight non profits accountable for spending. With technology the way it is, it has become even more easy to start a organization and receive money but accountability remains elusive.


In the next lane, are established organizations, such as the red cross. The article examines what become of the half billion in donations slated for Haiti. Does the brand name Red Cross mean that a higher standard should be expected?

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  1. j.joseph2 says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a topic very dear to my heart. You pointed out two themes in non profit administration.The first is about accountability and the second is about branding. Post Haiti earthquake, a lot of non profits have indeed been created. Tons of money were given from either celebrities, different countries, organizations to help the cause and to contribute to the rebuilding of the country. As you mentioned, one of the organizations that have received a lot of money was Red Cross. I personally have always thought highly of Red Cross. As someone working in the health field , it was one of the places I have always wanted to work. However, I can tell you that from a personal standpoint, at the aftermath of the earthquake, having read that funds , apparently , were not allocated appropriately to the services, I no longer have the same high esteem for their brand. I believe that’s were transparency and accountability come into place in non profit management . The situation of Red Cross is somehow similar to that of Komen vs Planned Parenthood. Ultimately, poor governance and leadership in non profit can affect your brand. But how could we prevent situations like this from reoccurring , mostly in vulnerable countries ?

  2. jp045134 says:

    Such an interesting article! Thanks so much for sharing. Coincidently, I was having a conversation about this matter with my sister and brother-in-law last week. We wondered how after all the money that was donated to Haiti as a result of the 2010 earthquake, the country is still in such a bad state. Being originally from the neighboring country (Dominican Republic), we have been able to see firsthand how many Haitians are immigrating to the Dominican Republic, in hopes of finding better opportunities and giving their families a better life.

    The amount of donations received for Haiti in 2010 should have been enough to get the country not only to where it was before the earthquake, but even beyond. Situations like this one highlight the importance of accountability and transparency when it comes to nonprofits. Unfortunately, such events are what make people who donate their hard earned money think twice about donating when a similar situation arises in the future.

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