Lesson 5 Reflection: “Focusing on the Outcomes”

I believe we can incorporate the “Outputs vs Outcomes” lesson into all facets of our professional lives. Even with school… and with this post… it’s very easy to simply worry about the Output. I need to post this blog to pass the class (or at least get a good grade). But what am I really gaining from just posting this reflection (besides course credit)? My mission at Baruch – my true north – is not just to graduate, but to accumulate the knowledge I will need to be successful in my future career. ┬áThe degree might help me get the job, but lessons I learn during my time at school will hopefully assist me in excelling at that job and making a positive impact on my community.

Non-profit organizations are often most concerned with being accountable to those stakeholders who hold the most power. Many times these are the major donors, although sometimes they are the constituents… such as when those receiving services insisted they would stop working with a charity after the Board fired the CEO they had grown to trust. However, it’s also important for the employees at non-profits to be accountable to themselves. After all, most aren’t doing this work for the paycheck; they could probably make more somewhere else. Those who are working to make their neighborhoods a better place to live owe it to themselves to make sure they are achieving the outcomes they work so hard for.

It has been a pleasure working with all of you this semester.  Thank you for a fun class and best of luck to everyone in your future endeavors.


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  1. k.rouse says:

    Thanks for posting. I agree that the output vs. outcome lesson can be applied to all of our lives. It is important to remember that the output may seem more tangible and short-term, but focusing on outcomes will result in long-term success and deeper gratification. Accountability is deeply tied to the output vs. outcome distinction; the more accountability an organization has to its stakeholders and to itself, the more focused on outcomes it will be.

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