Lesson Five Shared Resource

“Nonprofit Accountability: Up, Down, and Sideways”

This article talks about nonprofits accountability and how the internet is taking this accountability to a whole new level. Its  about how the internet has certainly changed the process of how information and news is filtered and by whom. The internet serves as a unifying platform where all stakeholders can now come to gather and make their voices heard. It talks about the role the internet played in pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to change its position of gay scouts. Interesting it also talked about the Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen saga and how most of the battle was played out by supporters on the internet. It points out how accountability issues that might have been easily contain can now quickly mobilize and end up being played on the public stage thanks to the internet.

Nonprofit Accountability: Up, Down, and Sideways

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  1. f.talla says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. I believe that non-profits should be held accountable by the public for the simple fact that most of their funds come from public donations. The public deserves to know how the money is being spent and the lives the organization has impacted. Thus, having a storytelling can be a way for the media, constituencies, and stakeholders to hold them accountable.

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