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This week I’m sharing a video that I think supplements one of this week’s reading: “Listening to those who matter most, the beneficiaries”:

The video describes the experience from pilot testing “Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms”, led by 7 NGOs. These mechanisms provide constituents an opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and/or suggestions regarding programs and activities being conducted in their community.

Through the Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms, these organizations were able to gain the constituents’ trust because they not only asked for their input but also acted upon them, showing the beneficiaries that their opinions mattered. Additionally, they went above and beyond to ensure that all those who wanted to participate had the opportunity to do so. Similar to Professor Brooke’s example of moving away from surveys/questionnaires once her organization realized that it was not the most effective way to connect with their constituents, one of these NGOs realized that many of the beneficiaries they were trying to reach were illiterate and developed tools using pictures to address that issue and allow those who couldn’t read/write to participate.

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