Chinese New Years Celebration Brings in the Likes of the Monkey.

As every year begins a New Year for us and any other civilization, most of us like to celebrate for the mere fact that God has been merciful to have carried us to another year, while others take it in with grace. On the other side Chinese folks like to do it a little different from any other by not just doing it at a later date, but also in traditional spirituality.

Each time, they have a spiritual connection that symbolizes the type of year that is yet to come. They put meaning to it by the descriptions of animals to the years in a cycle ranging from a list of select animals. It has been deemed that every animal has a specific trait characterizing the identity of that person  depending on what year they were born.

The celebration was held in lower manhattan, Chinatown to be exact. Before the occasion began, many streets and intersections were blocked off for the made event. The parade started on Mott & Canal street to Chatham Square to East Broadway towards the Manhattan Bridge. The show had the rituals of dragon dances and bands chiming in for the amazing scenes. People were mostly indulging in the festivities by shooting off pop rocket confetti. That brought more a surreal vibe of pure happiness to eye. The celebration brought many views of people all ages coming together to gather for a very timely spectacle. This is an event that should be seen.


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