The Uproars of Homelessness in illAmerica.

As we all know the epidemic of homelessness has become a phenomenon for decades now and to this date it has reached a prevalent state around the globe. Over the years, homelessness has seen a steady increase over the landscape of the nation. More and more people are experiencing the tragedy of destitute in the masses, and the numbers has increased to it s highest in history in the year 2015.

This has been an area where not too many people try to explore and discover because we all go about our days thinking about ourselves and our daily lives regarding what we have to do next. We do at times think of others, yes, but we are wrapped up with ourselves that even walking down the street we don’t even realize that there is someone sitting on the side of the street just looking for someone to help them with funds much less to even give them any attention.

I took it upon myself to explore one of the most common areas of homelessness in America to get an idea of the life that these people live; The Greater New York City. I ventured around the lower parts of Manhattan to midtown to discover that many of these people are in this predicament due to nearly the same reasons, gentrification. Gentrification has been a rampant conflict for most migrants of the streets for decades and will continue to be an issue if nothing is done. It’s sad to see such mishaps because some of these migrants have actual talent that can be shared for the greater good of society. I pray there will be someone/something that can help restore what these people have lost.