LeeM- Final Project – City Hall Weddings

For my final project, I decided to take the opportunity to photograph weddings. Not just any weddings, but weddings at City Hall’s.
I decided to do this because when we think of weddings, we usually think of them as being so grand and expensive in a beautiful setting with lots of people. It’s completely the opposite at City Hall. Not saying it’s not beautiful- but it’s very different and I was glad I was able to witness these two weddings.

The first wedding was done at the City Hall in Queens. This was with a couple from Malaysia that are very in love with one another and have been together for many years. They both moved to the States looking for more opportunity. They wanted to get married as soon as possible so that they will have better chances looking for jobs without being questioned too much about their citizenship and such.

The second wedding is with Aki and Ines at the City Hall in Manhattan. The two are lesbian and have both come from Hong Kong. Similar to CK and Kuanie’s story where one of them has been in the States for some time now and the other has come to be together with their significant other but needs to show proof that they are married to continue with their journey.

Ultimately, I wanted to capture that City Hall is a very inexpensive, yet beautiful way to get married. It kind of cuts out all the unnecessary bling and really shows how much couples love one another without needing to show anyone else in the world but themselves.