Voices of Experience

I was always interested in the opinions of our senior citizens. At first, I was attracted by their fashion sense. In particular, New York was full of senior citizens who enforced a strict sense of fashion, seniors wearing the same colored clothing from head to toe, and other various fashionistas. It seemed like they all enjoyed partaking in maintaining their own sense of fashion. However, as I walked around the city in search of such citizens, I realized that what I was attracted to wasn’t necessarily their fashion, but more; I was interested in their tiniest of movements, and their smallest gestures.
Upon realizing this, I decided not to restrain my project to the topic of fashion. So you won’t necessarily see an incredible fashion sense in these photos. Instead, I thought that, maybe I can take this final as a chance to talk with them – get to know a little bit of the lives of our senior citizens. One question that I made sure to consistently ask was, “When were your favorite years?”


I met this man at the private park near the school. I found his mannerism and gait charming as he walked his dog, waists bent to a near-90 degree angle. However, he constantly expressed his worry for the upcoming presidential election. He remarked how he wants a better world for his grandchildren, but, again, how the presidential election is worrying him.


The impression I got from this lady was one of strength. She commented on how she was “carrying America on her shoulders”, while wearing an American jacket, an American badge, earrings with an American-flag design, and an American bag. Though, I didn’t get to speak with her at length, since she was – somewhat ironically, or perhaps symbolically – hurrying to the hospital.


Robert, an ex-lawyer, commented that each day is too short for all the thing he wants to do, as he idly sat at a bench. Sitting idly on a bench while staring off into the distance is one of the many things Robert prioritizes during his day.


I felt that her hands were representative of who she was. So although she didn’t like being photographed, I was permitted to take a picture of her hand.