Final Project, Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Kings Park Long Island was a staple of the Long Island community for over 100 years. From 1885 to 1996, this center has seen thousands of patients and even suffered from overcrowding during its run. At its prime it housed almost 10,000 patients at one time. But the once full asylum has succumb to be a vacant ghost town that harbors teenage graffiti artists and young wanderers. As a kid I would explore these forsaken buildings with my fellow hoodlums, but as I go back, the magic of discovery is somehow lost in exchange for an outside observation.


  1. It’s looking good but I would not use the photo you’ve chosen as the opener. Start with a photo that let’s us see the location. Take a step back before we get into those graffitied, menacing hallways and give us the larger context. I think you could also post some historical data (any archival material that you find online) from the time that it functioned as a hospital.

    Please edit your introduction and do the captions.

  2. Maybe you can include a photo of the outside of the psychiatric center. It’s also cool that you chose to start off the gallery with that first photo of the graffitied door. It’s as if we’re being led inside by that photo because the door is partially opened. Overall, cool final project!

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