New York State Senate and Assembly Undergraduate Sessions

New York State Senate and Assembly

Undergraduate Sessions Assistant Internship Programs for 2022

The New York State Senate and Assembly Sessions Internship are comprehensive academic programs which give qualified students direct access to state government and the legislative process. Strong personal initiative and principles are essential for success in the programs.

Over the past 9 years, more than 70 Baruch students have participated in the Albany Senate and Assembly Session Assistant internship programs during the spring semester. Many of them have been selected for competitive fellowship programs, such as New York City Urban Fellows, and/or have gone onto graduate school.

If you are accepted to the programs, you will:

  • Spend the spring semester (January-May 2022) living and working in the state capital!
  • Earn a $6,600 stipend and 15 credits!
  • Work full-time with a NYS Senator or Assembly member

Want to get well prepared? Register for one of the following virtual information sessions hosted by Prof. Michael Feller, Campus Liaison Officer.

  • Thursday Sept 23rd, 12:30pm-1:30pm: RSVP
  • orThursday Sept 23rd, 5pm-6pm: RSVP

If you have any questions regarding the program and the information session, please or Prof. Kang (

Internship Opportunity at the District Office of Assembly Member, Nathalia Fernandez

The Office of the Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez is looking for an intern who will work for the Assembly Member’s district office for the upcoming semester. The internship would offer a unique opportunity to work directly with the Assembly Member and allow you to receive hands-on experience working in State and Local Government.

If you are interested or have further questions, please reach out to Mr. Dylan Tragni directly at and Odis Guerrero so they can set up an interview.

CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program

CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program

Deadline is July 22

The City University of New York offers a fall internship opportunity in New York City for selected students. The CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program will provide highly qualified individuals the opportunity to learn by doing with the offices of selected legislators working to benefit women and promote women’s issues in New York. The focus of internship assignments varies. Community affairs, research, and policy formulation in areas of most concern to women is central. CUNY will provide $2,000 to each eligible student.

In addition to the first hand experiences they receive with the local offices of legislators, all CUNY Women’s Public Service Interns are given academic guidance through enrollment in campus-based seminars with faculty, as well as in special meetings with Internship Program staff. Students also draft research papers and written logs, in which they describe, analyze, and comment upon their internships.

Women’s Public Service Interns also attend the CUNY Women’s Leadership Conference and other special events sponsored by the University. This combination of on campus and off campus activities constitutes the core of the CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program—an academically rigorous experience for students considering careers and involvement in public service.

The Program is open to any student who has completed 30 credits by the Fall 2021 term (CUNY graduate students are not subject to the credit requirement) in which the internship takes place. Any major may apply, but students who wish to be considered should demonstrate an interest in women’s issues and public policy in New York. Applicants must carry a 3.0 GPA, and must submit the names of two faculty members who will provide confidential recommendations.

Selected participants will earn academic credit (POL5052: Field Work in Government and Politics).

Students can submit their applications using the following link (also available on ETR website):

The fall 2021 internship cycle may be remote, in-person, or hybrid, and will be based on the capacity and expectations of host sites, student needs, and the Academic Continuity Guidelines of CUNY.

For further information, please contact Prof. MK Kang (


  • Students serve up to 15 hours per week
  • Scholarship-eligible students will receive $2,000.00
  • Applicants must have completed at least 30 undergraduate credits by the Fall 2021 term (CUNY graduate students are not subject to the credit requirement), must carry a 3.0 GPA, and submit the names of two faculty members who will provide confidential  recommendations
  • Students will enroll in a weekly seminar at their college to earn academic credit
  • Students also attend 3 monthly meetings at CUNY TV
  • Participation in the annual CUNY Women’s Leadership Conference during the fall semester
  • All majors may apply

Please spread the word if you know any students who might be interested in it.