Campaign Career Orientation and Spring/Summer Internship Opportunities

If you are interested in political campaign career and internships related to the area, please check out the below message from the Hans Riemer’s Office announcement.
Campaign Career Orientation and Spring/Summer Internship Opportunities
I wanted to pass along a quick opportunity if you’d be willing to send to any students you know that are interested in campaigns and are looking to dip their toe in politics and/or bolster their resume.
Our campaign (Hans Riemer for County Executive) is hosting a Campaign Career Orientation (we’ll give people an overview on what a career path in political campaigns looks like and have voter reg/vote by mail forms for anyone that needs them), and I wanted to extend the invitation to your students. The event itself is nonpartisan — our goal is to give folks a baseline understanding of if a job on a campaign is right for them and an overview of roles on our team.
We’re hosting a virtual session (4/11; 5pm) and in person session (4/4; 5pm). Feel free to RSVP on those links. While we would prefer that folks were in person, know that’s impossible for most of y’all if you’re in school out of state!
Would you be willing to pass along the invitation to your department + students? Would love to get as many folks there as possible and give folks an overview of if a career in campaigns is something that makes sense for them as they’re thinking about their life post-college (and is certainly something I wish I had when graduating a few years ago!)
In addition, we are bringing on a talented team of college interns. I would love it if you could pass along the job description to your class/department — want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to join our team and learn!
For further information, please contact Mr. Aziz Yakub // Campaign Manager by emailing to

If you get an offer for an internship position, please contact Prof. Kang, MK (Myung-koo.Kang@Baruch.Cuny.Edu) for a course credit.

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