Bulling as sociological problem

‘Ronan’s Escape’ – Short Film on Bullying [HD]

I think that people from all over the World know what bulling is. Some people being bulled, others were practice bulling and some people were just eyewitnesses. Bullying is an international term and contains a number of social, psychological, legal and pedagogical problems.

“Ronan’s Escape”- Short Film on Bullying written and directed by A.J. Carter tells us a story about 14 years old boy, who became victim of the bullies. The movie became with a scene, where the boy having a lunch in school, but one of the bullies threw the ball at him. The reason was – to make some fun. Then his classmates chose him in their group for the sports competitions and it seems like fate gives him a chance to prove to his peers that he is a worthy guy. However, his opponent (being unnoticed) unleashes boy’s laces. So the guy falls, thus loses the whole team. In the end of the film the boy commits suicide.

Bullying – is a huge social problem: mostly latent process for many people, but the children, who were harassed, receive psychological trauma of varying degrees of severity, which leads to severe consequences up to suicide. And it’s doesn’t matter what kind of bulling took place: physical or psychological, it is always a trauma for any child. As we learned from the video- teachers and parents don’t try to do anything to stop bulling. Parents may be unaware of it, but we saw that teachers knew about the facts of bulling. So, the social institutions (such as family and education) don’t cope with its role of solving the problems. This movie relates to sociology, because it shows specified relationship of person with society, and shows how they interact with each other.



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  1. nayeeb.fahmi says:

    15 minutes of my time well spent. That was a splendid movie. Ronan’s story in Western Australia has been a global scenario for quite some time now.

    Bullying has happened in every part of the world, specially at high school. It has become a huge social problem, one that ha gone unnoticed for way far too much time in my opinion. I think more than 90% of the students around us have encountered some forms of bullying in classroom. When I was in class 6, people used to call me ‘Farm Chicken’. I always have to carry on this tag for a long long time. Even today, after 11 long years, still some of my school friends makes fun of me by calling me ‘Chicken’. Luckily for me, I am a person who barely cares about this things, even though I wouldn’t deny that I was very much annoyed with that ‘Chicken’ tag. Not only that, I know people who got bullied by people and end up fighting with almost all the other kids of the class.

    Sad thing is, a lot of elderly people or guardians around us don’t really bother about it. One of my cousins got bullied in NY schools because he has done extremely well in the class and people perceive him as a ‘Nerd’. Unfortunately, my uncle and aunt didn’t really get worried about it and trying to tell him that it would be alright. Fortunately for my kid, now he has made a lot of friends and assimilated quite well. But there are lot of kids who can’t take this pressure. There is a kid from Jordan, Middle East who is going to the same junior high school as my cousin do and he beat up a bully group because they continuously calling him a ‘Terrorist’. A lot of kids who are emotional and sensitive like Ronan might even thinking of committing suicide. A lot of school teachers are also not concerned about it at all which is pure ignorance in my opinion.

    So it is high time we realized and discouraged this unsocial attitude called ‘Bullying’.

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