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The structure of our society is patriarchal: leadership positions, highly paid and highly estimated work occupied mostly by men. Even if the women do the same work as men they earn less. Moreover, in addition to the work a woman should take care of the household and her family. While this provision is clearly unfair the society (mostly men) doesn’t want to change anything.
Sexism is so usual in our society and in our minds, than it is often not notice. Most of us brought up in the spirit of sexism from early childhood. If the parents didn’t brought up their child this way, then at least, environment, society and traditions teach boys to play with toy cars, and girls with dolls. Further, young men should be strong and courageous and girls are required to be beautiful and feminine; and, finally, men need to support the family economically, and women to keep order in the house. However, in reality a woman not only has to take care of her children, the family and the house, but she has to work as well.
The sexism (as a racism) implies the superiority of physical and intellectual manifestations, although not provided convincing arguments in favor of the fact that men are better than women or vice versa. Traditional arguments – such as the indication of the limitations of women in terms of creativity or links to the notorious women’s logic or psychological instability still exist in the public consciousness. These prejudices have not been proved by the science; it is just stereotypes imposed to us by the society from ancient times.

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Religious conflict

Religious Conflict  caused by the contradictions of interests of different social groups, which united in two or more hostile groups and provided that each group should be guided by common system of values, world views, ethical and moral beliefs. In this case, each group tries to present an opponent as a subject of the conflict. The subject of the conflict is a group of people, but the object is represented by certain moral norms and values. These norms and values are disagreements between the parties. Since there are no people in the world with exactly the same ideals, then such differences could be considered natural. In most cases groups could resolve their conflict either by mutual initiation to the values of each other, either by tolerance and recognition of the right to different beliefs. However, these ways are not always applicable for religious conflicts.

The reason of religious conflicts lies in the fact that they affect the spiritual life of the people and the inner world of believers.
However, religious discord is often come out in a form of expression of class and ethnic conflicts. The hostility against other religious groups usually varies depending on economic, political or national interests.
Conflicts exist not only among religious groups, but also within them. They accompany the life of any religious group, and act as an integral part of the ongoing struggle for power, prestige, and privileges. These conflicts could be caused by changes in the spiritual life of the society, resulting from the formation of a secular culture and coming into conflict with the traditional religious views of the world and moral values. Religious commitment can lead to conflict not only with the scientific views of the world, but also with the norms of secular morality and the requirements of the law. Religious beliefs may conflict with service in the army, participation in political life or civic activities.

So, returning to the issue of the conflict between religious groups I must admit that the media is the one of the provocateurs of the enmity. The journalists sometimes use the words with a negative context against members of religious minorities and proving the advantage of one faith over others, and sometimes even humiliate them. And that is completely contrary to the principles of journalistic professionalism.

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Family Violence

Wife beating caught on video

Ironically, relationships in families-which the people who are supposed to nourish us when the outside world has sucked away our life energy-can also be some of the most violent relationships in a society.”(Sociology, David M. Newman)

There are physical, psychological and sexual violence against women and children in the families and vast majority of offenders are males. This is due to the inequality between men and women in society, which exists for many centuries. Domestic violence is a serious and repeated violation of the law, however its seriousness is often underestimated. Also tragic consequences of violence vary from physical damage to serious psychological and emotional trauma symptoms, and social isolation.

The abuser may give different reasons by justifying the act of violence, but all of them have no relation to reality. A desire to establish full power over the wife (partner) is the main thing that driven by offender. The conflict usually is based on a specific problem, which can be enabled. However, the abuser makes the problem complicated, in desire to feel the pleasure from punishment and to feel powerful and authoritarian.  In the usual cases of domestic violence one person constantly monitors or trying to control the other and to affect its behavior and feelings. As a result, the victim can receive psychological, sexual or physical injury.

Violence always has an impact on children (witnesses of violence in their families), even if they are not the targets of violence. Children in these families grow up in an atmosphere of cruelty. Many are trying to protect their mothers against violence, and they are at risk to become victims of abuser. Those children also have the tendency to aggressive behavior not only in their childhood, but in adolescence too.

Family violence destroys moral principles of the family, and prevents the education of the younger generation, etc. It is not only undermines the basics of life of the family, but destroys the foundation of security of the society.


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Should people get a college degree?

Rich People With No College Degree – Forbes List

Freedom of choice is a good thing and in same time is very difficult for some people. Billions of high-school seniors thinking about what they want to do after graduation. Everybody wants to be successful with their life: to have a job that they like and a good salary. There is a choice: spend money and time to get a college education or not waste time and money and start a career.  Many high school students think, Should I get a college degree?, and what can be gained from it. “After all, college education is not something that comes cheap and it does take a few years before an individual can start earning his/her own income. But this is where thinking about the future career education becomes important. One should know that a college degree opens up many newer doors of employment in the future, even though it takes a bit longer to get there. The purpose of college education is therefore, to live a better life.”(

But let’s compare people with college degree and non-degree holders. My purpose is to find out what’s the difference between two.

Income is first difference between two. People who have college education are more knowledgeable in their field. This makes them higher earning professionals in comparison to the non-degree holders. Depends on graduated college and GPA salary may vary. People without college degree usually have lower income. They are less knowledgeable in the job compared to person with a college degree.

Another difference between people with college education and non-degree holders is knowledge.  “Education (as a social institution) teach young people what it is mean to be a member of the society  and how to survive in it.”(Sociology, David M. Newman) People with college degree better equipped.They are competent in many aspects of their job. College prepares a person to meet competition head on. People without degree learn a lot of things during the work. Fulfilling work tasks help person to learn nuances of his job, which made him knowledge too, but not as much as person with college diploma. Also, person with no degree could study at home, but it is a small chance that he will be better equipped than person with a college degree. Which is meant that individual without degree could not compete with real professionals on a job market. Progress in career is one more difference between two. College degree holders are much more likely to get promotions and makes strides in their chosen field of work in comparison to the non-degree holders. People without college degree could get a promotion too, but less on a leadership position. They are less knowledgeable, which means that they can’t lead better than people with college education.

In my opinion, Education  as a social institution is important. College is the place, where you learn a lot of new things. Students could take different classes and see what they like more. There are a lot of examples when students changed their majors during the semesters. Occasionally, students chose majors, which they never thought about. Thus, college helps students better understand themselves, open new verges of their personalities. Also, not all the people very talented and could built their career without college degree. And college diploma is a first step to their future. Students believe if they could graduate from college than they could build a perfect career. They feel themselves knowledgeable, well prepared and confident for the future job. That is meant that they could compete on labor-market, therefore be effective workers. Also, college diploma gave status to the person not only in “employer’s eyes”, but also in “eyes of” person’s relatives and friends.




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Bulling as sociological problem

‘Ronan’s Escape’ – Short Film on Bullying [HD]

I think that people from all over the World know what bulling is. Some people being bulled, others were practice bulling and some people were just eyewitnesses. Bullying is an international term and contains a number of social, psychological, legal and pedagogical problems.

“Ronan’s Escape”- Short Film on Bullying written and directed by A.J. Carter tells us a story about 14 years old boy, who became victim of the bullies. The movie became with a scene, where the boy having a lunch in school, but one of the bullies threw the ball at him. The reason was – to make some fun. Then his classmates chose him in their group for the sports competitions and it seems like fate gives him a chance to prove to his peers that he is a worthy guy. However, his opponent (being unnoticed) unleashes boy’s laces. So the guy falls, thus loses the whole team. In the end of the film the boy commits suicide.

Bullying – is a huge social problem: mostly latent process for many people, but the children, who were harassed, receive psychological trauma of varying degrees of severity, which leads to severe consequences up to suicide. And it’s doesn’t matter what kind of bulling took place: physical or psychological, it is always a trauma for any child. As we learned from the video- teachers and parents don’t try to do anything to stop bulling. Parents may be unaware of it, but we saw that teachers knew about the facts of bulling. So, the social institutions (such as family and education) don’t cope with its role of solving the problems. This movie relates to sociology, because it shows specified relationship of person with society, and shows how they interact with each other.



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