Don’t Fail Me

Growing up in America we are taught that in order to be successful we must go to school, do well, pursue a higher education and then we will find a great job. The video presented above questions this idea. How can a person fulfill their potential if their abilities are not being exercised. In this video the idea that the public education system is not educating students to fulfill their full potential due to funding and statistics is introduce. In the video, there are three stories of three different students from different ethnic and social backgrounds. They all have to ability to be great contributors to our society but due to the lack of programs they are limited.

In the case of Bryan, he is an honor student, in many extracurricular activities but is not able to take AP classes because his school does not provide them. This will put Bryan at a disadvantage when he starts applying to college. In order to get a higher education at an Ivy League school, AP classes are very important. Although Bryan has the ability to excel in a AP class he does not have the access to them, in turn may not get in to the school of his choice.

In Maria’s case, due to the percentage of students that fail the standardized tests in her school, she is in a high school class that teaches English at a fourth grade level. Because Maria is in a neighborhood with many children that speak predominantly spanish, she must learn at their level.

This video surrounds the program FIRST,  which was created in order to engage students further than what school provides. It is a robotics program that uses science, engineering and technology skills in order to inspire innovation.

I believe that students all over the country should have access to this subject in school. Robotics is a very important subject for students of the 21st century and should be accessible for 100% of students in the United States. As for our education system as a whole students should not be limited by those around them. There should be programs geared for every type of student in order to exercise everyone’s full potential.

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