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Sexism in the Media

During class last week, we discussed the different way men and women can be discriminated in various situations. In the video posted above the the creator addresses the idea of sexism in the media. He gives us various examples in the media where women who are suppose to be everyday women are depicted as thin and beautiful. He gives the example of the show Friends who is the story of a group of friends and how they interact in their everyday home life. All the women in the show are thin and beautiful, and all the men are average looking men at an average weight. He also gives the example of The Simpson’s which is an adult cartoon show geared to depict an average family, husband, wife, daughter and son. The wife is displayed as very thin, with a tiny waist. The father on the other hand is depicted with a beer belly.

These different examples in the media are one of many. Everyday, when looking at media examples we are bombarded with situations where the women must be thin to be beautiful. This gives children the idea that they should potray these figures because these are the one’s they are seeing everyday. The media feeds us what they want us to intake. The media should be more careful about what they depict. It is not fair for the media to tell us that we should look this way because this is the average American women. They should encourage individuality and that all shapes are perfectly acceptable as long as your healthy and comfortable with yourself.

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Discrimination at the Workplace

In the United States we are taught that if we go to school and achieve a higher education we will be more likely to succeed. Nowhere in these beliefs has it ever been instilled that it depends on your race, religion, weight, and sex. Maybe if we were told this people wouldn’t be so inclined to achieve a higher education if they do not fit the “right” criterias.

The idea of discrimination in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Because we live in a country that is so diverse, the idea of discrimination is often silenced. We are suppose to be a country who loves and accepts all, but do we really? In the video displayed above the idea of discrimination not only racially, but because of one’s weight, religion, and sex is addressed.

In the video various people tell us about their experiences of being discriminated in their workplace, whether it be for their weight, like the lady who gained weight after have a baby, or the muslim lady who was fired because she refused to take off her veil.

There have been laws created in order to prevent theses circumstances but these allegations are usually hard to proove. Most people would more likely move on than go through the hassle of pressing charges. Luckily, situations where employers have been found guilty have suffered severe consequences. Hopefully, more people will start to speak up about their situations and will make this problem more known.  If employers feel like their company would be at stake in the event that they act even slightly in this manner, I think they will be less likely to commit this crime.

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Changing Deviant Behavior

In chapter 8, we discussed the idea of defining deviance. Deviance refers to socially disapproved behavior.  We are taught growing up how to act in a “proper” manner in order to not be viewed as a deviant. For example we are taught how to properly eat, act, and walk in a private and public setting and how to differentiate from the two. Growing up all these different mannerisms are thrown at us and we are suppose to accept them and put them into effect.

I chose the video posted above because I thought it was interesting. Looking at this video now, must of us may view it as ridiculous. Young girls in the 50s-60s were shown this video, not only in order to make them act a certain way, but also to make them feel bad for not doing so in the first place. The idea of this video is not all that ridiculous. Today we are not shown videos that directly tell us how to act. But we are shown things on TV and see things from the people around us that tell us how we should act. We are also shown that if we don’t act in a certain way we will be socially rejected or even reprimanded by the law.

The idea of deviance is very controversial. It is difficult to know whether to do certain things and if they will be considered deviant. I think that as long as you follow what YOU believe is right and have inner peace, it shouldn’t matter what society says. But of course that’s easier said then done.

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Don’t Fail Me

Growing up in America we are taught that in order to be successful we must go to school, do well, pursue a higher education and then we will find a great job. The video presented above questions this idea. How can a person fulfill their potential if their abilities are not being exercised. In this video the idea that the public education system is not educating students to fulfill their full potential due to funding and statistics is introduce. In the video, there are three stories of three different students from different ethnic and social backgrounds. They all have to ability to be great contributors to our society but due to the lack of programs they are limited.

In the case of Bryan, he is an honor student, in many extracurricular activities but is not able to take AP classes because his school does not provide them. This will put Bryan at a disadvantage when he starts applying to college. In order to get a higher education at an Ivy League school, AP classes are very important. Although Bryan has the ability to excel in a AP class he does not have the access to them, in turn may not get in to the school of his choice.

In Maria’s case, due to the percentage of students that fail the standardized tests in her school, she is in a high school class that teaches English at a fourth grade level. Because Maria is in a neighborhood with many children that speak predominantly spanish, she must learn at their level.

This video surrounds the program FIRST,  which was created in order to engage students further than what school provides. It is a robotics program that uses science, engineering and technology skills in order to inspire innovation.

I believe that students all over the country should have access to this subject in school. Robotics is a very important subject for students of the 21st century and should be accessible for 100% of students in the United States. As for our education system as a whole students should not be limited by those around them. There should be programs geared for every type of student in order to exercise everyone’s full potential.

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Individualistic Explanations

In class we read Andre’s story. To recap, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from college in 2004 and had difficulty finding a job. Andre and pretty much everyone in the U.S have always been under the impression that if you were a great student, with a degree, your future was pretty much set. That was not the case for Andre, and is not the case anymore for many college graduates today. Because of the corporate world downsizing, because of the declining economy, many people have lost their jobs and companies are not hiring. In the text book, the author, David Newman, addresses the idea of
“individualistic explanations,” which he states, means the notion that someone relates their achievements or failures to their personal qualities. Andre began to question his own ability of achieving a successful career. He did not recognize that when he graduated the economy was not doing well and companies were not hiring as much. It had nothing to do with him or his ability to be a good worker or not. In the video posted above, Liz Macdonald, tells us how companies rather keep more money at hand for the rainy days. Even companies like Target who are sitting on 2.1 trillion, instead of putting that money into expanding which will make more jobs available; they rather hold onto it. Although Target is successful for now they do want to ensure their security and will hold onto their money until better times. These are the things Andre should have looked into. Instead of getting down on himself, he should’ve realized that it was not him, it was the economy. Unfortunately he graduated in a time where there was financial instability and was not able to find a job suitable for him. Even today 9 years later the economy is much better but finding a good job still remains a constant struggle for college graduates and everybody else.

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