Family Violence

Wife beating caught on video

Ironically, relationships in families-which the people who are supposed to nourish us when the outside world has sucked away our life energy-can also be some of the most violent relationships in a society.”(Sociology, David M. Newman)

There are physical, psychological and sexual violence against women and children in the families and vast majority of offenders are males. This is due to the inequality between men and women in society, which exists for many centuries. Domestic violence is a serious and repeated violation of the law, however its seriousness is often underestimated. Also tragic consequences of violence vary from physical damage to serious psychological and emotional trauma symptoms, and social isolation.

The abuser may give different reasons by justifying the act of violence, but all of them have no relation to reality. A desire to establish full power over the wife (partner) is the main thing that driven by offender. The conflict usually is based on a specific problem, which can be enabled. However, the abuser makes the problem complicated, in desire to feel the pleasure from punishment and to feel powerful and authoritarian.  In the usual cases of domestic violence one person constantly monitors or trying to control the other and to affect its behavior and feelings. As a result, the victim can receive psychological, sexual or physical injury.

Violence always has an impact on children (witnesses of violence in their families), even if they are not the targets of violence. Children in these families grow up in an atmosphere of cruelty. Many are trying to protect their mothers against violence, and they are at risk to become victims of abuser. Those children also have the tendency to aggressive behavior not only in their childhood, but in adolescence too.

Family violence destroys moral principles of the family, and prevents the education of the younger generation, etc. It is not only undermines the basics of life of the family, but destroys the foundation of security of the society.


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