Social Dilemma: Texting While Driving

Where r

Yeah T


No Text is Worth Dying Over

One particular topic that grasped my attention from our class discussion on Chapter 9 was the issues surrounding social dilemmas – when individuals pursue their short-term interest which can potentially result in society’s long-term ruin – where the general public may unknowingly cause a severe amount of damage to society by performing in their everyday norms. Though we may not be conscious of our actions at that present moment, everything thing we “choose” to do has the likelihood of causing detrimental effects to society as a whole.

Such as throwing garbage on the streets, despite the fact that we may only look at the issue has we may not want to hold on to garbage or there isn’t a trash can in near site, if everyone thought this same way, the world we live in would be an unsanitary place. Likewise, if one us felt it makes no logical sense of paying taxes since they never call 911, they don’t have children enrolled in school and they don’t own  a car so the conditions of the roads doesn’t faze them.  Consequently, if we all so happened to live that same life and felt that same way then what would happen to those who did need the services offered by calling 911 or do use a car to drive from place to place. In short, though we may not realize it, some of our short-term actions can and HAVE caused horrendous effects.

In the video above are some commercial clips and a documentary of people whose lives have been alarmingly affected by ONE in individual whose chose to send a simple text while driving. Some text has simple has “Yeah” and “Where r” have caused individuals to lose their lives and suffer from permanent life altering injuries.  As oppose to waiting until they reached their destination, of even just waiting until they reached a stop light, some of us choose to answer a text that as no form of relevance and causing a severe amount of damage and pain to others. One text causes people to lose their lives, which cause families to live in unbearable pain, which may also cause those families to perform in uncharacteristic actions that may affect others. Hence, a mere “Yeah T” can result in a chain reaction of unfortunate situations that weren’t definitely not intended at the moment.

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2 Responses to Social Dilemma: Texting While Driving

  1. aj122467 says:

    I have seen many commercials on TV showing the dangers of texting and driving. They are pretty shocking. No text is more important than risking your life and others. Still so many people continue doing it, and that it has become an epidemic. People do not realize how dangerous it is.

    Texting and driving endangers not just you life but others as well. Going 60 mph on a high way doesn’t leave you much time to react in case of an emergency. An accident can happen in a split second and that accident can change your life forever. You might get yourself seriously hurt or even get killed or do that to someone else. Texting and driving in local streets can be dangerous. Even though you are not going very fast, you can cause a lot of damage. When a person is crossing the street and sees a vehicle approaching him or her, he or she expects you to stop because they have the right of way to cross the street. But if you are texting and you’re not focused at the road that would be a problem. Or even a child might run in the middle of the street and you don’t see them because you texting he or she could get seriously hurt.

    I have to admit it, I have done it before, texting and driving but I haven’t done it in the highway because to me it seems too dangerous. Mostly I did it when I was in a red light, where the car wasn’t moving. As I grew older I’ve understood more the dangers of texting and driving at the same time and decided not to continue doing that and many people should consider to do that.

  2. Min says:

    Texting is being one of our life styles now. Everyone might be using many electronic devices especially cell-phone texting to others for communicate. After smart phone had coming out, the texting is more popular. And there are many apps which can texting. As civilization progresses, the serious problems also developed. A lot of people die because of the car accident in these days. Each year, car accident has become a very common sight with increasing number of car accidents in the US. There are over 6 million car accidents on the roads of the US during a year. The 28 percentage of car accidents involve cell phone use or texting. This number is nothing to sneeze. In the video, interviewee’s friend or family got accident because of the texting. I saw a bad news around 3 months before which was a high school girl dead one day before graduate because driving with texting. At that time, I realized that texting with driving is really danger again. So I decided to quick a habitual which is texting while driving. But after few months later, I was still texting when I was driving. As me there were still car accident involved texting on the cell-phone. I know how much danger driving with texting, but it is hard that not touching the phone at all during the driving because sometimes I think I can both of this well. The accident would be occurring because of people who look like me. Driving with texting is same or more risky than driving with drinking. We have to keep this in mind all time, and try to reduce a accident which because of the texting.

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