The Middle Class Struggle in the United States

For the past several years the “middle class” in America has been consistently struggling. For the most part, America is seen as the haven for the middle class family.  Nice home with the white ticket fence, job security, and yearly vacations.  The American Dream is based on the middle class lifestyle but lately the middle class lifestyle is looking like the American Nightmare.

The video I posted shows how a middle class family is on the brink economic disparity.  In the video they were asked if they still consider themselves middle class and they answered stating that they are now a lower class family.  The reason for this problem, at least for the family in the video, was that the husband had been laid off from his job as an auto manufacturer and is now delivering newspapers.  As stated earlier in this blog, part of being middle class is job security and once that is lost, it is the beginning of the notion of the middle class struggle.  More and more middle class families are losing their homes  due to foreclosure and have no choice but to maintain their day to day living with food stamps, as shown in the video.  Problem is they still can’t find jobs due to the lack of job creation and economic stagnation.

Aside from middle class families not finding jobs, their taxes keep increasing and their benefits are at risk of being terminated depending on the upcoming election coming November.  If this lack of social class maintenance continues, there will no longer be a middle class, it will just end up being a nation composed of upper class families and lower class families.  What is to blame though, is it capitalism, the economy, government, or is it that the United States of America as a whole has lost the power to maintain hope and prosperity after so many years.  Regardless only time can tell whether this class struggle will turn into class fairness.

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