Discrimination at the Workplace

In the United States we are taught that if we go to school and achieve a higher education we will be more likely to succeed. Nowhere in these beliefs has it ever been instilled that it depends on your race, religion, weight, and sex. Maybe if we were told this people wouldn’t be so inclined to achieve a higher education if they do not fit the “right” criterias.

The idea of discrimination in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Because we live in a country that is so diverse, the idea of discrimination is often silenced. We are suppose to be a country who loves and accepts all, but do we really? In the video displayed above the idea of discrimination not only racially, but because of one’s weight, religion, and sex is addressed.

In the video various people tell us about their experiences of being discriminated in their workplace, whether it be for their weight, like the lady who gained weight after have a baby, or the muslim lady who was fired because she refused to take off her veil.

There have been laws created in order to prevent theses circumstances but these allegations are usually hard to proove. Most people would more likely move on than go through the hassle of pressing charges. Luckily, situations where employers have been found guilty have suffered severe consequences. Hopefully, more people will start to speak up about their situations and will make this problem more known.  If employers feel like their company would be at stake in the event that they act even slightly in this manner, I think they will be less likely to commit this crime.

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  1. Min says:

    Discrimination at the workplace is still one of the hot issues. There are many discrimination is present such as age, sex, religious, and so on. After the turn of the 21st century, the world change fast and become a one and the number of female workers increased at workplaces but diversity discrimination is still in existence. The form of the business also tends to work with other countries as out-sourcing, and off-shoring. “Glass ceiling” is one of the examples about diversity discrimination for women and minorities. The term “glass ceiling” means limitation of advancement in women and minorities at work. For example, my sister works at one of the largest accounting companies in the US called PricewaterhouseCoopers and it seems that most of people who are ranked higher than the title of the Vice President are white and male. This clearly shows that it is very difficult for women and minorities to reach a level of superiority at workplaces. If a lot of discrimination about the minorities present in each organization, it is hard to be managed an organization. There is many way to reduce discrimination of diversity. For example, leaders could manage diversity in workplace. Diversity is a complicated multicultural issue. It is about a variety of people who stand for different things, comes from different cultures, generations, ideas, and thinking. This creates space for innovation and creativity which is essential for tackling complex problems and allowing diverse people to bring fresh new ideas or views up for discussion.

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