Staying Positive During the Job Search

Believe In YourselfAmidst all the negative press about finding a job during this economy, it can be really hard to keep your head up. In addition, the common additional pressures found in the search from family and friends constantly inquiring about your progress and the steps you are taking to find a job. All of this can add to your own stress about how long your search will last and will it ever end.

It will end and you will find a position.

In the meantime, here are a couple suggestions to keep yourself positive around your job search. It’s so crucial not only for your own piece of mind, but also interviewing, networking — desperation, fear, depression can be sensed by others and does not contribute in a positive way to your job search.

1) Take time out to care for yourself. Do things you love — read a novel, enjoy the beach. Try to stay away from costly habits (i.e., shopping, expensive outings) as they will only make you feel worse after you have enjoyed them if you are on a limited budget.

2) Seek out a career counselor. Talk about the emotional toil and steps to make it better and also to make sure you are using the most effective strategies.

3) Give yourself credit. You’re working hard and that’s important. Make sure to acknowledge yourself.

4) Be around supportive friends and family. They will give you the needed boost in difficult times. Now is not the time to be reclusive and hide out.

5) Help someone else. It is a wonderful thing to give back. You can volunteer, offer your support to a friend or family member who might need. It’s great during these times not to be completely self-focused and to thing about others.

Author Lisa Orbe-Austin

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