Five Strategies to Get Over the Hump in Your Summer Internship

Whether your work is providing you a terrific opening into your dream job or you realized that it is not the right fit, you can still gain valuable on-the-job experience. Below are some of the common workplace issues that we often hear about from students.

1.You are not sure if this is the right industry for you.

Open your mind. What you learn in school and what you do in the working world can be very different. Spend time learning more about the industry to see if there are other aspects of the field that interest you. If you still don’t like what you see, maybe it is time to explore different industries.

2. You do not get along with your co-workers.

Remember, you do not have to befriend everyone—you just have to work collaboratively and professionally with them. Pay attention to the culture of the organization and try to understand how people communicate. Do they prefer to meet in-person or communicate through email? How do they interact with other co-workers? Take a step back and think of ways you can adapt your behavior to fit into the culture.

3. You do not have enough work to do.

Take the initiative to look around your organization and propose new projects. Use this as an opportunity to explore and investigate different aspects of the business. See if you can shadow someone in your organization for a day. Review past projects to learn more about the industry and various career paths.

4. You are not sure what to wear in the office.

Most companies have a dress code and it behooves you to learn about it before you start. Even if the dress code is casual, don’t be too casual. Leave your beach wear or club wear at home. What you wear matters because your attire is a reflection of your professionalism. Take advantage of summer sales to invest in professional attire.

5. You’re in the office while your friends are at the beach.

Many companies use internships to make full-time hiring decisions. Your hard work and dedication will pay off as you learn about career opportunities and establish connections within your chosen industry. Try to avoid taking any days off unless it’s truly an extraordinary situation. If it is the case, be sure to request time off from your supervisor ahead of time.

We know that you will be doing good work; we have no doubt that you are gaining valuable experience.  We want you to be successful at your internship and all of us at Starr are more than happy to connect with you.  Enjoy your summer and HAVE FUN!

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