Morgan Stanley 2019 Summer Analyst Applications

Morgan Stanley is offering various summer analyst positions for 2019. Students in majors such as finance, accounting, CIS, economics, management, etc. are strongly recommended to apply. Click below for application details:

Early Application Deadline for All Businesses (Recommended) – July 25, 2018

Regular Application Deadline

Global Capital Markets

Investment Banking

Equity Research

Fixed Income Research


Regular Application Deadline – September 5, 2018

Firm Strategy & Execution

Investment Management

Public Finance

Quantitative Finance

Sales and Trading: Bank Resource Management

Sales and Trading: Fixed Income

Sales and Trading: Institutional Equity

Sales and Trading: Prime Brokerage Client Coverage

Wealth Management

Institutional Securities Group Sophomore Programs


Regular Application Deadline – September 12, 2018


Corporate Treasury


Firm Risk Management

Human Resources

Internal Audit



Regular Application Deadline – September 26, 2018

Internal Audit Technology Track


Applications Reviewed on a Rolling Basis


Baltimore Programs: Compliance




Applications to Open December 2018

Freshman Enhancement Program


Morgan Stanley Program Finder: Our Programs

Application Resources

Learn more: Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholarship Program




Text: Available Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm EST. Please allow up to one hour for a response

Investment Banking – 347-971-1188

Global Capital Markets – 347-971-1188

Sales and Trading – 347-986-0420

Research – 347-986-0420

Company & Operations – 347-986-0357

Firm Strategy & Execution – 347-971-1697

Technology – 347-986-0378

Wealth Management – 347-971-1697

Investment Management – 347-971-1697

Firmwide & Diversity – 347-986-0399

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