Steps for Obtaining an Internship for Credit

For most students, it is a requirement to do at least one internship for credit. However, a lot of students are confused about where to start and how to apply for one. Below are a few steps to help make the application process a bit easier:

  • Eligibility: Before you begin applying, you should visit your academic department to find out if you are eligible for an internship. You should also find out what kind of internships would count as credit for your major.
  • Internship Coordinator: Make sure to stop by the Starr Career Development Center to meet with an internship coordinator and get advice on what internships offer credit and are available for your major.
  • Seminars and workshops: Attend different internship related seminars and workshops to get information about the different kinds of internships and how to apply.
  • Apply: Submit your cover letter and resume along with anything else the employer requires. Once you’ve completed an interview, wait for an offer from the employer.
  • Register: After acquiring an internship, register for the internship course by the deadline date. Make sure to check the Baruch calendar for deadlines to register.
  • Begin: Start your internship and make sure to update everything on your Starr Search profile.

Good luck on your journey for finding the perfect internship!

–  Pamela Lubambo

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