Meet Baruch’s Financial Leaders!

The Financial Leadership Program (FLP) is dedicated to the professional development and advancement of high-potential juniors interested in careers in finance. In the past decade, FLP has trained more than 240 financial leaders, who are now successfully employed at more than 50 financial institutions worldwide. Upon completing the program, nearly all FLP participants have received offers in top analyst programs across Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies.

The FLP cohort for 2018 – 2019 have been offered internship positions at S&P Credit Ratings, RBC Capital Markets, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Natixis, and Goldman Sachs among others.

Meet this year’s financial leaders:

Paul Menestrier: Global Markets Analyst, Société Générale
“Setting ambitious and well-defined goals will serve as a useful map on the path towards making your aspirations reality. Taking advantage of Baruch’s invaluable resources, including the Financial Leadership Program, the Rising Starr Sophomore Program, and the Investment Management Group, has been critical in developing and preparing myself for a career and life beyond Baruch. I credit much of the success I’ve had in achieving my goals to hard work, grit, and the support I’ve received along the way.”

Brianna Gelsomini: Global Markets Analyst, RBC Capital Markets
“FLP creates an environment that fosters collaboration, friendship, and learning. I was able to develop technical and social skills that are not traditionally taught in the classroom, better preparing me for my career in capital markets.”

April Shi: Credit Analyst, S&P Credit Ratings
“The Financial Leadership Program prepared me with the essential skills to succeed not just for my summer internship but also in life.  FLP also transformed me into a confident and effective public speaker.”

Tony Chu:  Financial  Analyst,  Prudential
“The Financial Leadership Program is the door to success, growth, curiosity, and personal development. The program taught me that I wasn’t put on Earth to be average”

Kenny He: IB Analyst, Scotiabank
“The FLP program has taught me to live boldly, be heard, and take pride in success.”

Edward Farhi: S&T Analyst, Deutsche Bank
“The Financial Leadership Program has had a big impact on my accomplishing my career goals. The program has given me both interpersonal and technical skills that I will use the rest of my career. The program has really prepared me for the challenges of working in finance and I am equipped with skills that will allow me to be successful.”

Salma El-Nazer: Credit Analyst, S&P Credit Ratings

“If I wanted to sum up what I learned over the course of this year in one phrase, it would be to ‘trust the process.’ Phases of self-doubt and self-depreciation are inevitable, but keeping high levels of grit at all times is the only way to succeed. FLP has given me the chance to work on developing myself professionally and interpersonally by polishing my communicative, financial, written, and networking skills. It was a fruitful journey filled with not only learning how to navigate my future plans but also how to become the best version of myself!”

Katherine Dorovitsine: S&T Analyst, Goldman Sachs

“FLP challenged me to never stop learning or looking for ways to improve. The program gave me a constant support system and endless resources, ensuring I was fully prepared for a future career on Wall Street. Thanks to both the technical and soft skills I developed throughout my participation in FLP, I feel confident in my ability to present myself professionally and competitively in my summer internship.”

Daniel Rada: Corp. Client Banking-Analyst, JP Morgan

“I can’t stress enough how valuable the FLP program is. A program where you’ll find a great support system, improve necessary skills, build long-lasting friendships and be pushed to your potential. It’s a unique opportunity that will allow you to constantly grow and improve, and you’ll realize that you’re much more capable than you thought you were.”

The FLP Cohort 2018 – 2019

The FLP Cohort with their mentors and the Starr team

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