How To Give The Perfect Elevator Pitch to Elevate Yourself

An elevator pitch is something you will be talking about at either an interview, networking event a career fair, or just any time you would be meeting with a recruiter or a professional in the industry you are interested in going into. It’s important you are able to sell yourself and set yourself apart from all the other people the recruiter would meet that day. For, this is your chance to stand out, outside of your resume.

In a standard elevator pitch make sure to do the following: introduce yourself and who you are, your major, how long you’ve been studying under the major, why you’re interested in going into the particular field, what attracted you to the company you’re speaking with, and what are your overall goals are. Try to relate to the recruiter, as well. To form a sort of bond that will help them remember you. If you are meeting them at a career fair or networking event, you can recall one of the things you woke about so they remember you. Practice, practice, and more practice!

Finally, you must be able to articulate all of this in a succinct manner and be sure to talk about your passions! Recruiters love hearing about how your passions relate to your professional interests.

Now get out there and secure that job!

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