How To Create The Perfect Cover Letter

A cover letter is meant to compliment your resume and overall application when you are applying for an internship. A typical cover letter is no more than a page with 3-4 small paragraphs. It is meant to compliment the information on your resume.

It is can also be used as a writing sample or even just to show off your writing skills. Make sure you are writing a different a cover letter for the each internship you are applying to. This is done to individualize the info based on the company so they can get a feel for for why they should hire you, specifically and what you can offer to them.

Thus, you have to make sure it addresses the goals and objectives of the opportunity and it speaks to your abilities. It should also relate your background and transferable skills to exactly what they’re looking for. You always have to make sure there is a connection from your background, what you can offer, what they can offer to you and the types of opportunities can have for you.

If you need a sample of a resume and cover letter feel free to go to, under the students tab find out resume and cover letter guide.

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