Tips for First Year students

Check out these five quick steps to jump-start your career at Baruch and beyond.

  1. Update your Starr Search information: Starr Search is the Starr Career Development Center’s job portal featuring hundreds of internship and job opportunities. Starr Search is also a tool you can use to schedule appointments with career counselors, upload your career documents such as resumes and cover letters, and build a profile based on your career interests. Note that your account is already set up, if you are having difficulty accessing the system, please follow these steps:

Go onto Starr Career Development Center website, select Starr Search, student login, click on forget password, and enter your Baruchmail email address. Wait for the email to arrive in your Baruchmail inbox and follow the instruction to reset your password. Be sure to disable any auto-refill of your password to avoid any issues. Watch this video on how to update your Starr Search information:


  1. Utilize Focus-2 to identify your career interests: Focus-2 is Baruch College’s online career and education planning system, allowing students to choose majors and careers compatible with their career interests. Take a quick survey, and find out what courses and programs are best suited for your career needs! Log onto Starr Search and click on Focus2 on your home screen under announcement. For first time user, you can set up the account using the access code, Bearcat.


  1. Update your resume and schedule an appointment with a career advisor: Schedule a career advisement session, get your resume or cover letter reviewed, practice a mock interview, or ask any career-related questions.  Here is the resume guide and recording from our recent resume workshop. Find out how to set up an appointment on Starr Search here: We also host walk-in sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:00PM to 4:30PM. Join us for the 15-minute sessions to meet with a staff member.  Here is the Zoom link to join:


  1. Attend Events: Events and career programs are a great way to meet with potential recruiters, introduce yourself to employers, and build your network. For an updated list of upcoming programs and information sessions, be sure to read the weekly newsletter. Please check your email and check the ‘other’ folder if you do not see the Starr Career Development Center’s weekly newsletter. Read our latest newsletter here:


  1. Apply for internships: When you feel ready, check out any of the hundreds of internships listed on Starr Search. Here are examples of career opportunities for first-year students.

For more information about the Starr Career Development Center, visit us at or email

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