Handshake Industry Insights for 2023: Top Industries By Job Posting

Whether you are in the middle of your internship search or not sure what industry you want to step foot into, keeping up with trends in job postings can provide some insight and clarity. Below is some exclusive data we collected from Handshake at Baruch about the top industries of 2023.

Top 10 Industries By Job Postings for 2023

In short, our analysis revealed that the majority (38.4%) of all job/internship opportunities approved in 2023 were in the non-profit and government sectors. That’s over 9,400 opportunities!!

      1. Non-profit: 20.15%
      2. Government: 18.25%
      3. Healthcare: 10.76%
      4. Internet & Software: 9.59%
      5. Accounting: 9.58%
      6. Investment/Portfolio Management: 7.71%
      7. Financial Services: 7.23%
      8. Transportation & Logistics: 6.02%
      9. K-12 Education: 5.80%
      10. Insurance: 4.90%

Top 10 industries for 2023

Top 5 Industries By Job Postings (Per Month) 

      • Jan. 2023 – Government, Accounting, Non-Profit, Investment/Portfolio Management, and Internet & Software
      • Feb. 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, Internet & Software, Investment/Portfolio Management, and Healthcare
      • Mar. 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, Internet & Software, Financial Services, and Accounting
      • Apr. 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, Healthcare, Internet & Software, and  Investment/Portfolio Management
      • May 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, Internet & Software, Investment/Portfolio Management, and Accounting
      • Jun. 2023 – Government, Non-Profit, K-12 Education, Healthcare, and Transportation & Logistics
      • Jul. 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, K-12 Education, Transportation & Logistics, and Accounting
      • Aug. 2023 –  Non-Profit, Government, Accounting, K-12 Education, and Healthcare
      • Sept. 2023 – Healthcare, Non-Profit,  Government, Internet & Software, and Financial Services
      • Oct. 2023 – Government, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Movies, TV, & Music, and Internet & Software
      • Nov. 2023 – Government, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Investment/Portfolio Management, and Internet & Software
      • Dec. 2023 – Non-Profit, Government, Accounting, Transportation & Logistics, and Internet & Software

But that’s just the beginning. Understanding the ebb and flow of recruitment patterns across industries and months can significantly enhance your job search strategy.  Remember that certain industries recruit more in certain months. Non-profits and Government sectors proved the highest in job recruitment and internship offers for March-August in 2023. Other industries include Internet & Software for March and May, Healthcare for April, K-12 Education for June and July, and Accounting for August.

This pool offers variety, which is ideal for Weissman students. Keep this data in mind and use it to your advantage for your job/internship search this semester! Right now, is a great time to look for internships and jobs in the non-profit and government sector. As always, Starr is here to provide you with support and equip you with the tools to ease this process.

-Mashal Burney, Peer for Career

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