Tips from a Senior at Weissman who has Landed a Job Offer!

Welcome back Bearcats! This week I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Christopher Moncayo, a Weissman Senior (Class of 2024, Interpersonal Communication major) who has received a job offer for post-grad. Moncayo provided valuable insight on the job search process and how being a Weissman student has helped his journey:

What is your major and why did you choose it?

My major is Interpersonal Communication, and I decided to pursue this major due to my passion for connecting with people and public speaking. Plus, since I know 3 languages (Spanish, English, and French) I decided that studying this major will give me an edge over other multilingual professional communicators.   

What is the job offer you received? 

I received a job offer for the position of English – Spanish Interpreter at Kelly Services.

How would you describe your job search experience?  

My primary platform for job search was LinkedIn, but I also used Indeed or applied directly on company websites. The applications were the easy part, the hard part was waiting for an answer. Many companies don’t reply, and others took a month to say something about my application. But you need to be patient and never stop applying to different jobs, because sometimes you are not going to get the one you want right away.

How has your experience as a Weissman student helped shape your career choices/job search? 

Certainly, my experience as a Weissman student helped me a lot, especially during interviews. Most of the communication classes that I took taught me concepts and techniques that I applied in my interviews. In my experience, nonverbal communication and tailoring your speech are two of the most important ones during an interview.

What advice or tips do you have for Weissman students currently on their job search journey?  

Never give up, it took me almost one year to get a job that aligned with my career. But I never stopped applying, I never stopped searching and perseverance always pays.

Connect with Moncayo on LinkedIn  to learn more about his career journey!

The anticipated spring break is approaching quickly-everyone is getting ready to relax. Over break I recommend you try to take some time to think about where you see yourself post-grad, identify your key skills, connect with your fellow peers who already have offers and start applying to any saved opportunities on Handshake or other platforms. Spring break is the perfect time to work on your job search.  Have a lovely, well-deserved spring break!

-Mashal Burney, Peer for Career
P.S. Share your success story with us, so that we can celebrate your career successes!

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