For a Soup? Is It Worth It?

Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine; it is associated with health and prosperity in Chinese culture. Its main ingredient, you guess it, is shark fins. As shark population becomes endangered by hunting, partly due to the demand for shark fins, some states had already banned the distribution, sales and possession of shark fins. Those states include California, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, and Illinois is expected to pass the law this summer. However, New York State, a place with a big Chinese population, had passed on the proposed bill.

Although shark fin soup is a delicacy to the Chinese community, but is it worth killing tens of millions of sharks for? It may be true that older generations of Chinese people, people who had tasted the soup, would like to keep it on their menu. However, younger generations, especially in the United States, are less concerned about having this soup.

Sharks are important to the balance of the ecosystem, it is not right to destroy that balance just for some soup. People have to find a balance between tradition and sustainability; we have to think about our future generations.

For the full article in The New York Times published on June 22, 2012, click here.

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