Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Climate Change?

ipcc-chart1450The levels of concern for Climate Change come in varying degrees – the extent, to which individuals are willing to engage in sustainable behaviors and the motivations behind said behaviors, differ from person to person. What makes people take notice and talk about Climate Change? What generates the buzz? For one, the extent to which it is discussed in media outlets. If the perils of Climate Change are misrepresented and information is not dispersed as it should be, people are placed at a disadvantage; after all, why would one seek a resolution to something they aren’t convinced is a problem? Climate Change is believed by many to be a valid threat to the sustainability of both future and present generations. In spite of the high stakes and overwhelming scientific evidence, certain media outlets have repeatedly downplayed the severity of the situation and assisted in casting a shadow of doubt over the predicament. Below you will find a video by Stanford’s Stephen Schneider (a former Environmental Biology Professor), an article in which the Guardian’s John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli call out a number of media outlets for their questionable coverage of Climate Change, and a rebuttal article posted on Foxnews.com – one of the media outlets called out by Abraham and Nuccitelli. You be the judge – the dangers of Climate Change, legitimate peril or fiction?



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