Writing II KMWF

Blog #9

Within my research paper, I chose to use the first strategy when it came to revising my paper. I had to write a paragraph after I chose one of the sentences that I felt could have been developed upon. The exercise revealed to me about my writing that there is a good amount of background information when it came to the artwork that I chose. I was able to write a different paragraph based off of one sentence and it allowed me to expand the ideas that I originally had within the paragraph that had the sentence originally. It improved the paper by making it more in depth as I took the original sentence and created another paragraph based off of it. I chose the strategy that I did because I felt that the paragraph that had the sentence could have been expanded upon and become a more descriptive part of my paper and I felt that it would make it more interesting than it originally was which benefitted my paper. The main thing that I am struggling with within my paper is the organization. This is because I wanted to create an introduction with multiple paragraphs which would have their own ideas for the paper separately and make it lead up to the thesis part of my paper and then the body paragraphs but I had to organize the ideas properly so that it could be clear and precise. The strategy that I used helped with creating a better and clearer paper.