Writing II KMWF

Blog 11

For my remix project I am currently undecided. I have two ideas i want to continue. The paper I am remixing is my art research paper that was designated toward Gun violence and brutality toward people of color in a video by Childish Gambino. The music video  is “This is America”. My first idea proposal is a slide show where I go in depth about the scenes Gambino uses in his video and the multiple possibilities bout what he meant or wanted to represent. In each slide I would give the background history behind the scene and also add the clip that Gambino used to emphasize this part of history. The idea behind Gambino’s video is that racism is systematically built in American history and it has been silently growing over the years through gun violence and discrimination.

Another idea proposal is a tik tok. During the entire BLM movement that re-appeared as many protests, there were so many tik toks that were like slideshows of many protests and interviews together. For this specific project I would re search the interviews Childish Gambino participated in and spoke about white privilege and gun violence. I would also incorporate scenes from Childish Gambino’s “This is America” ‘s video. as well as add voice memos over the scenes to explain the scenes.  My art project is not really an argument but an informational piece. I will add colorful fonts to make the video pop out because watching a plain black text would be boring. In addition to color i could also change through time. What i mean by that is emphasizing how racism has stayed through the years and never disappeared. I would add historical context like Jim Crow and Ministry. The biggest problem i think i am going to experience is the lim limit on a tiktok video. Since my piece of art is a music video, it will be hard to not just repeat the video itself.

Blog 11

For my remix project, I am planning on making a TikTok. I’m going to remix my research paper on “Gossip Girl.” Right now, I’m gathering clips from the show that are relevant to the points I bring up in my paper. I definitely want to use a lot of clips because I feel like those will emphasize my points while also keeping the audience engaged. The purpose for my project is to show younger people how this tv show depicts the capitalism and neoliberalism in New York. Since this show was so popular with millennial/gen-z, I figured TikTok would be an appropriate platform to use as my remix project. I’m trying to make it seem more light, but still get the message across at the same time.

I want to use Tiktok’s voice over feature to explain my points so it’s more clear. Remaking my work into a multimedia piece will change me project because it will take away the detailed explanations, and instead be explained through pictures. Adding clips from the show will be adding an element that wasn’t in my original paper, which could help the audience understand my points better. I think visuals really add a sense of clarity, so it will be helpful for me as well. Although I’ll be losing the longer explanations that provide context, I will be gaining more clarity in a way that I didn’t gain in my paper.

So far, my biggest challenge has been planning the actual TikTok out. I’m not entirely sure how to put it together, but I have been brainstorming different things I want to touch on. I like how creative I can be with this project and use all these different elements to make it more fun and enjoyable. My personal motivations for tackling this specific project are my love for this show, but also seeing how it truly gives us an inside look to the lives of the elite.

Blog 11

For the Remix project, I am planning to present a slideshow on my art research paper, which is about female stereotypes and norms within the film “Como Agua Para Chocolate.” My main goal for the project is to talk about the sisters within the film, and how significant it was to portray them the way they did, as many of them contradicted common female stereotypes. Especially as a main underlying theme of the film is to reclaim these stereotypes in Mexico, but can also be related worldwide. I plan to make a slideshow of the family and their story and have a slide of each sister with specific research quotes I used in my paper that connects them to the stereotype that they are connected to. For the presentation, I plan to present how these quotes connect to the sister and stereotype. In the end, I want to connect overall how these messages displayed in the film are still relevant even in the modern-day, as the movie is a time period but many of these stereotypes and norms still exist today. I plan to make a page of talking points to reference in my presentation. 

It will change my project because I think it will add more context and condense the paper. During the presentation, I will probably not be able to go as in-depth as with the paper, however, I think it will be easier and more straightforward for the audience. My challenge as of now is working on my talking points as I also have to remember the time limit, so I need to know what to prioritize as I write and practice them. Although I am not the best at public speaking, this is a topic that I enjoyed working with and I thought that a slideshow would be a good way to present what I have worked on.