Money Does Not a Good Short Film Make


Drawing a distinction between a D.I.Y. film and a film laden with sponsors is kind of like comparing a mansion in Southhampton to a Victorian in Williamsburg – while one may have the good looks and bells and whistles of a well-oiled machine, the other has charm and plenty of silly moments intertwined with sharp dialogue and rough edges.

With D.I.Y. independent films, you can’t help but feel that you’re as much a part of the show as the actors themselves –  I could just see “The Bearded Three” cracking up after their implied fight scene behind the scenes, and something about that just feels much more personable than having  Jaime Murray spew dialogue at me – which, I must admit, she’s significantly better at than either Mina or, really, anyone in Inverted World. That’s not to say that the home video feel of Inverted World is any less, well, perfect than Good in Bed, which was sponsored by Lifetime — rather, what I felt Good in Bed’s biggest problem was that it was absolutely unrealistic (because in what sort of reality does a guy like Eddie McClintock get a woman like Jaime Murray?) and it was hard to find their situation personable and relatable. Yes, the failed marriage aspect worked, but it was difficult to like either character,  and the overabundance of downright cheesy lines (“Sometimes I miss the things I hate about you”? Really?) make it difficult to take the short film seriously. However, the acting chops of Murray and McClintock were an easy disguise for less-than-stellar dialogue and plotline for some:

“I like the Lifetime movie more, because I could sense her feelings because she portrayed them very well.” said Diana Coats, a student.

Short films, like cars and like houses, filter through two categories for me – one being the charming, home video-esque films that reek of both charm and wit, while the others, the ones that get the financial backing to be able to afford actors like Shannon Doherty and Jaime Murray tend to have lackluster appeal – frankly, I’m not charmed by a fancier set or by a better camera.

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