Monochrome Hipsters and a REALLY Lonely Woman

Just because your professor is absent from class doesn’t mean you won’t have work to do. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, its time to elaborate on the assignment the class was assigned with for this particular session. Oh, Inverted World is 13 part web series created by Terence Krey. The first episode features Mina and her three bearded friends returning to their hometown after graduating college. After experiencing the glory that is college life, their hometown seems drab and boring in comparison. In fact, it seems nothing, in their eyes, has changed since high school from the bar they all once thought was cool to getting beat up by the jerk jock. This monotony is broken once the three bearded dudes are taken prisoner by a totally hot seemingly crazy woman in a dress who claims the moon is going to crash. The protagonists remind me of the twenty-something year old hipsters that populate my neighborhood (Williamsburg) and I think I can safely assume that these people are the targeted audience. The type of viewers who would appreciate this series the most are those who associate the word ironic with the concept of humor.

Suite 7…well I’m really biased against Lifetime for certain reasons. This particular episode comes off like a scene from a play. Shannen Doherty, plays the role of an older woman mourning the loss of her significant other. Actually, that statement is a bit misleading. She’s crying over the break up over her younger ex-boyfriend to some poor, hapless hotel manager.

In short, I like Oh, Inverted World much, much more.

“I like the lifetime movie because the actress is really able to express all of the character’s emotions” – Diana Coats, classmate

Well, everyone has their own opinion.

Oh, Inverted World

SPOILER: She doesn't like lamps

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