The Webisode’s Growing Popularity

Webisodes are becoming the hot new alternative to television shows.  They have gained major popularity though out the last few years, and it’s understandable why. They have a major convenince factor and are easily accessible, rather than having to wait for it to come on on television. Yet, like television, there is always the dissappointment of coming across cheesy webisodes, which in my experience turned out to be  Oh, Inverted World and Suite 7, I had the bad luck with both.

Oh, Inverted World follows a group of twenty-something’s first getting out of college and unsure where to really go from there. They arrive back in their hometowns and hit up the local bar as if nothings changed.  Through this seemingly bland story line, writer and producer Terence Krey decides to throw in a random apocalyptic concept of the moon crashing into the earth.

As if the story line isn’t sporadic enough, the flow of the webisode will drive you in for a loop. As fellow viewer Joe Jackson puts it “ I was lost, I wasn’t sure what kind of emotions they were trying to portray and the plot just kept jumping around from place to place, I really didn’t get it.” That makes two of us.

Though, if you want to get into conveying emotion, nothing really tops Suite 7, starring Shannen Doherty, Brian Austin Green and in the webisode I happened to watch, Wilson Cleveland (Yeah, I don’t know who he is either).

This dramatic story of a depressed guest seeking love advice from the doofy hotel manager turns out to be flat out comical. Though I would say the acting in this is no doubt better than Oh Inverted World, that is only because Doherty does have some acting experience under her belt (90210 anyone?) but it doesn’t save the downright sappy, unrealistic story line that follows. I wasn’t really expecting much better, it is on Lifetime after all.

Now, if I had to pick between these two, I suppose I would give credit where credit is due and choose Oh, Inverted World. Its supported by “black and white production” aka a low budget indie company, and yet still conveys creativity, hard work and overall some originality which Suite 7 seemed to lack. This is probably all the actors first real films anyway so you can’t expect them to give Oscar-worthy performances. I don’t know if there really any excuse for Suite 7 though.

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