Short Films – No Easy Shortcuts

What do I think about when I hear the word “short film?” Well, let me tell you: It is a very short film, more like a clip. The story is usually either overly “artsy” or ends before it even gets started.

Sure, like probably most people, I know what a short film is. I mean, the words are quite self-explanatory. But when does one actually watch a short film? I have never in my life thought “Today I’ll watch a short film!” And where do you even find short films? Yeah I know – Just google it. But do I really want to watch a max. 30 minute long film on my computer screen? I’m afraid not. In my mind, short films are for the “film elite,” meaning people in the business or just serious film-geeks. For the rest of us less film-educated folks, “regular” movies and TV-series are enough. Or you tell me, am I just bore struck?

Dance scene from the short film "A Mind's Manifest"

My first and only memory of watching a short film is roughly a year ago. As a slave of the internet generation, I used Google to stalk a new-found man of particular interest. After many false leads I somehow ended up playing “A Mind’s Manifest” on repeat. I thought this short movie would give me some sort of deep insight in the life and mind of its creator. This was obviously not the case, and I found myself thinking “What’s the point of this film?”

Later, the creator of this particular short film became a serious part of my life. I admitted my desperate attempt to unveil the meaning of his film and my hesitation regarding short films in general. He replied, “Because short films are sometimes even one minute long, they should convey specific information that pertains to one (maybe two) ideas, with the climax appearing towards the beginning of the movie.” He had suggested that some of the best short films have the most simplistic narratives. I guess that makes sense.

Short films might be short, but they are definitely not the easiest films to understand. And when it comes to me, I guess I just like to have things made the long way.

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  1. Laura Rossi says:

    I like the quote about short films, I feel the same way!

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