Consequences of actions not always felt

In the beginning of the film Wasp, the mother exhibits irresponsibility, a theme consistent throughout. She is not a bad person and loves her kids, which she demonstrates through her wanting to fight another mother she believed to hit one of them.

After the fight, her children all ‘flipped’ the other mother ‘the bird.’ Clearly her vulgar ways and profanity was rubbing off on them.

After being asked out on a date by a date by a pass fling, she is speaking to someone over the phone about it. ┬áThen she sees a wasp in her kitchen, which is appropriate considering the film’s title.

But the fact that the wasp did not do any harm and was let out the house was symbolic of a potentially bad situation to come that turned out for the better.

When she and her children were walking to the bar for her date, the loud traffic juxtaposed with the children walking quietly is symbolic of the possible danger ahead, or at least the danger she put her children in.

She went so far as to keep her children outside alone in the night as she drank with the guy and was going to have sex with him in his car after. That was interrupted with her baby’s cry after a wasp went in his mouth. At the end everything is fine but the viewer can see the potential consequences that came with her bad actions.

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