No false Ads For Tasteless Dishes

“You know what really grinds my gears,” as Family Guy’s Peter Griffin would say, is all of these misleading ads about how tasteful their dishes are. Then when that $18.50 plate of steak medium well done with a side of vegetables and wild rice is sitting in front of you, you greatly disappointed.

“When you pay over $50 for their food, no one wants to pay for a an okay meal they want to pay for a great food,” says Lewis Dimaren, an advent diner of various restaurants. What is the point of putting up those pretty and illustrative pictures in the menu when it turns out to be an illusion with every unsavory bite.

One establishment I can think of that comes to mind oh so vividly is T.G.I.F. I mean there’s so much that can be said about many of the disappointing moments of taking a bite out of one of the burgers on their menu or their steak or even breaded shrimp. Their finely decorated menus with displays of false delights.

The ultimate tease of wanting a dish that’ll not only satisfy your appetite, but explode with the many herbs and spices the waiters and waitresses would tell you are in you curious food decisions. What an irritating feeling to finally get your order after 20-30 minutes of waiting just to have the feeling that your eating something that seems to have been heated in a microwave, I mean come on man where’s the care and love for the customer.

Misleading the eyes into believing the taste buds would be carried on wild journey of ecstasy should be a horrible sin, especially know the prices they charge. If the food is lacking in taste and is simply meant to ease the hunger pains of prolonged wait then it should be stated somewhere in the restaurant, but then again that isn’t living realistically. So I guess until then we’ll have to venture forth into these establishments blindly, hoping that we’ll find one place that can serve its patrons a little piece of tasteful heaven.

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3 Responses to No false Ads For Tasteless Dishes

  1. Elsa says:

    I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I think is better when restaurants have no pictures, so you wont have any expectations at all…

  2. Queen says:

    I get it. You see all this great pictures that make you hungry and then when you sit down it’s like “I came for this?”

  3. robert cambria says:

    You wonder why you want to throw away money on, say, steak and chips. Why not buy a good cut of meat at the local butcher’s and prepare and eat it at home with family or friends? A lively discussion around the dinner table, more oft than not, trumps a noisy eatery. If you’ve to eat out, either go for a place that offers more variety or if your purse jingles with gold coins, go to a good restaurant for rewarding fare.

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