Light Mayo… Or Is It?

I used to work at a Subway Restaurant in Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island, and after a year of making hundreds of sandwiches, I came to realize that people are just too picky when it comes to what they eat. For example, I’ve had tons of customers ask me for light mayo or light ranch on their sandwich. For some reason, people think that light dressing makes a huge difference. My coworkers and I always joke about this. “Like light mayo is gonna stop that inevitable heart attack,” says Josh Baum, a former coworker.

When you’re cutting calories, switching from brownies as a snack to carrots makes a difference, NOT a few calories in your dressing! The truth is, it’s all the same anyway.  Just because it says light mayo on the container, doesn’t mean that’s what it is. There were several times that I told my manager we were out of light mayo and he always told me to just fill the container with regular mayo and put a light mayo lid on it. As long as it’s mayo, we could care less whether it’s light or not.

There was one instance where a customer came in and insisted on having light mayo on her sandwich. My manager’s number one priority was always to keep the line moving and his rule was to never go in the back and waste time, especially not to fill a dressing container. So, as usual, he told me to grab the regular mayo, and put the light mayo lid on it.  Once the customer was satisfied with her sandwich, I asked her if she’d like a drink. “I’ll take a large cherry coke,” she said. Really? After making a huge deal about light mayo you’re going to consume hundreds of calories anyway?

The point is, you have to take fast food for what it is. It’s fast, not perfect. Every fast food restaurant has its flaws so try not to be so picky with your food and let some things go.

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