Bubble tea

As a high school student in Flushing Queens, a primarily Chinese neighborhood, I would occasionally indulge in Chinese delights such red bean-filled pastries and noodles for a $1 but above all was bubble tea, a cold and tasty beverage.

Bubble teas are milky beverages that have a tea base and have tapioca peals at the bottom, hence the thick straws.

Four years had passed and I faintly remember the establishments I frequented to get my occasional fix but I surely remember how refreshing the bubble tea was on those summer days when I was waiting for the bus to head home.

Bubble tea and I had sadly become distant strangers and fell out of love for some time since I graduated in 2007.

However, we were reacquainted again a few months ago and our love affair has since then been rekindled.

At Esparks coffee in Glendale, Queens is where I satiate my strawberry and honey dew bubble tea urges. Usually chatting with a friend, I always enjoy a large dose that I drink slowly – never wanting it to run out – and am always tempted to buy another one.
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  1. Queen says:

    I am not usually into tea, but I might try this bubble tea.

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