Can I Have a Cheeseburger Without the Cheese?

Am I the only the person who does not like cheeseburgers? Why does everyone insist on ordering it only? I like variety. I enjoy variety.  As a well-nourished person, I like and enjoy variety in my meals. Why take a menu or why even order in the first place if you’re just going to eat the same thing over again?

I am a man, who likes his burgers. I believe that the cheese ruins the taste of the most important aspect of a hamburger, the beef. Whether I use Angus or a piece of ground meat, I consider myself an expert in this delicious craft. One may call me a George Foreman Grill technician.  Do not expect this technician to use any ketchup!

A well done 9oz hamburger from Kool Bloo, 221 East 23rd Street, New York

Adding ketchup to a burger is like adding makeup to a woman. Does ketchup make the Burger taste better? Does makeup make a woman look better? Did I just compare hamburgers to women? In my opinion a good hamburger, just like a good women, is hard to come by.

McDonald’s burgers are made out of plastic.  Burger King’s burgers are elastic.  Wendy’s burgers look Jurassic. Not all burgers are created equally. There are places where quality out rules quantity.

What you can expect in Burger Bistro

Burger Bistro is where fancy burgers meet casual prices. This burger establishment joins many gourmet restaurants on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. What separates this small and cozy restaurant from the others is that anyone can customize their meal in any way they want. This customization does not only include how you want the meat cooked. From caramelized onions to guacamole, one may add any topping on their menu.  Even if you’re crazy to like cheese on your burger, do not expect to only have American cheese on their menu. One may put chesses such as: gouda, asiago, pepper jack, and etc. The quality was great and the portion size was just right.  I had a well-done burger on whole-wheat buns with Portobello mushrooms and peppers.  It was great.  I love to eat hamburgers but just do not put cheese and ketchup on it.

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