Harman-In-Residence Writer Gives More Than Comic Relief

LeBlanc speaking at her reading event.

As Adrian LeBlanc took the podium, I had but one thought: where on earth can I get some more of those delicious chocolate chip cookies from the reception? To say the least, I was incurious about anything she was about to discuss. Yet, as she began to read from her book Random Family, I was completely enticed. I was so engrossed in the passages that I was now thinking: Where on earth can I get this book? This is no ordinary event for me. In the simplest and most embarrassing terms, unless it is for an assignment that I am annoyingly forced to do, I don’t read (unless it’s a magazine of course). But for some reason, LeBlanc captured me. Her wit and charm only added to my interest in learning more about Jessica and Coco. “I think I’m generally a genuine person, whatever that means,” she said jokingly. Not only do I find her genuine, I find her truly inspirational for the amount of work she put into creating Random Family.

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