“How do you come out the other side?”

After hearing Adrian LeBlanc speak about her experiences researching for her latest book, Random Family, I was hit with a new all-over sense of enthusiasm for my impending journalism career. LeBlanc passionately spoke about her research, which took over a decade to complete, and how her heart has been opened by the work she does. She spoke about how the journalist is the tool: the world you relate to others first comes through your eyes and ears.

LeBlanc’s dedication and emotional connection was apparent to me as she described her research, even falling asleep to the voice of her characters. She spoke about how many of her peers wondered how she could stomach the stories she was told, but reassured us aspiring journalists that “you get as much story as you can take.”

One of the hardest things to accomplish as a journalist, is finding your voice, and LeBlanc’s voice is an inspiring one. One of many years of research, hardwork, and most of all compassion and understanding. As LeBlanc explained to us with great sincerity: success is less about climbing and more about not falling down.

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  1. Laura Rossi says:

    this is a great interpretation of the talk! It was most certainly inspiring!

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