All-time favorite food: Blueberry Pancakes!

Mouth-watering Blueberry pancakes!!!!!!

Pancakes are my dream dish. Why you make ask? Because pancakes are the sweetest welcome, and reward I treat myself to on the weekends. I absolutely love blueberry pancakes, they are my all time favorite.  Every time, whether I’m dining out or whipping up of  plate full of hot cakes at home, I fall head over heels for their golden brown crust and soft, doughy mouth-water center  covered with a massive layer of sweet maple syrup. With an overwhelming school schedule, making a batch of fluffy, delicious blueberry pancakes over the weekend is a lot of fun and my mom loves them. On Saturday morning, you will find me on the stove, flipping pancakes like a pro on the griddle, and enjoying a plate full with my mom while watching another addictive episode of CSI: Miami. For many people, the weekend is the only time slot to enjoy the desired things we are too busy for during the weekdays. It has got to stop. Wake up and grab your mojo cup of coffee and enjoy your fine luxuries during the week.

Pancakes may not be your coveted luxury item, but we all have one. Whether it’s enjoying a bowl of double chocolate ice cream or pasta, playing video games or guitar, hanging out with best friends or shopping, or even the all- time favorite pastime; doing nothing but sleeping, these activities and food items are important and should be an addition to our week. Okay folks, it may seem like I am dishing out alot of talk, but I’m girl that transforms her rambunctious talk into action. Monday, March 21st, I woke up early and went to school but not before going on a hunt around the area for a restaurant/food place that has pancakes on the menu. To my surprise and disappointment, there were very few establishments that made pancakes for breakfast-loving customers like me. Of course, there were the usual Gramercy café, Bagel Express and Papous that dished up mediocre plates of my beloved pancakes but they couldn’t win me over.

Instead, I did what every food-lover with a decent kitchen would do-  I made a container of pancake batter and the next morning I treated myself to a plate of pancakes and enjoyed every bite. What can I say; I love pancakes, and couldn’t live with- out them. And surprisingly, I found Clinton Street bakery, a wonderful restaurant in the city that have expert chefs who make a breath-taking plate of mouth-watering, fluffy blueberry pancakes with a side of creamy maple butter. A Breakfast for Champions!!!!

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