Eating With the Small Bees

Délicieux! Magnifique! Je ne vais certainement revenir à cet endroit encore une fois et pas seulement à cause de la classe !

In case any of you are confused it means : Delicious ! Magnificent! I am definitely going back to that place again, and not just because of class!

If you want a scrumptious breakfast that leaves you wanting more, then Petite Abeille is where to go. Located on 401 East 20th Street this restaurant, even though it is small in size, carries a big punch.

I Love You Jon Stewart!!!

On the outside of the restaurant they have seating. This served me well since I sat there waiting for Sabrina and Ashley, also on assignment with me, to arrive. Even though it was somewhat warm, when you are sitting in one spot with the wind blowing, reading Jon Stewart’s book “Earth: The Book”, it gets pretty cold.

After they finally arrived, and apologized, we went in; but before we went in I noticed the big blue A staring at me through the window. I have to say seeing that made it a lot easier to eat there. If it would have been lower than a B I would not have eaten and instead watched them eat.

Made Me Feel A lot Better About Going In

We entered and a waiter showed us to our seats. As we sat there I kept asking Ashley what certain items were; she’s the foodie of the group.  I ordered a croissant ($3.00), a Gaufre de Liège waffle ($4.00), and hot Belgian chocolate ($4.00).

The waiter was kind enough to put the croissant and waffle on different plates because I don’t like my food touching.

When the croissant came it was so soft, flaky, warm and awesome. Biting into it felt like my whole mouth was skipping through a soft fluffy cloud. I ate all of it.

On Cloud Nine!!!

The waffle was sweet inside which was ok with me. Just to think I was about to ask for syrup! Every one of its square shaped craters tasted as if filled with Aunt Jemima every time I chewed.

Next Time I Will Ask For Milk

The greatest part of the breakfast was the delicious, scrumptious, lip smacking, tasty Belgian hot chocolate. Take Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream and heat it up until it is fully liquefied and you get that amazing chocolate. As soon as I took my first sip of the chocolate I was in a chocolate trance. My biggest disappointment as far as the breakfast goes happened when I finished my hot chocolate. If it wasn’t for my nutritionist I would’ve ordered at least another.

YUM Is An Understatement!!!

However, I must say that they do breakfast better than lunch. First, my lunch and those of my colleges took what felt like forever to arrive. When it finally did it was not worth the wait.

The Petite Abeille Burger ($13.50), a 9 oz. burger that comes with fries, is made with BLT with cheddar on a brioche bun and their special sauce. Since I don’t like anything that remotely seems healthy I specifically asked that there be no L or T or any other veggie on my plate.

Not Happy 🙁

The burger, stated as Black Angus ground in house, tasted great. Think of a hot summer day where you are in the park having a BBQ and you watch that hot juicy burger being cooked over the coals and then you eat it. On the other hand I couldn’t fully enjoy it because even though I asked for no veggies there was a curl of purple onion on my bread. Safe to say I didn’t eat the bread.  Also my food was touching which I didn’t like!

The fries were blah. I could’ve taken McDonald’s French fries dipped them in water and they would have tasted better.

Add to that that my experienced was rushed because I had to make it to class on time. All in all there is a HUGE chance I will go back again for breakfast, lunch not so much.

The Group

The Group

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