Why Lip-sync? Just Sing!

With clever studio tricks such as auto-tune and lip-syncing, a singer is able to mimic the proper noted and perfectly pitched track as he or she is performing on stage. These tricks many artists and studios consider as “ingenious,” deceives audiences as they question their favorite artist’s singing potential.

It is understandable for artists (mainly pop artists) to allow their entire CD to go through the auto-tuning process, especially when trying to succeed in this competitive field. However, when artists think they can trick their fans when singing live by lip-syncing to their auto-tuned track, this is when it becomes inexcusable.

Britney Spears lip-syncing to her fans at the Prudential Center

I was deeply disappointed when I attended a Britney Spears concert in March 2009 to find out that I had paid $137 to hear her “Circus” album blasting through the speakers. If I wanted to see her lip-sync her entire auto-tuned album, I would have watched her performance on television, I didn’t need to pay $137 to see her in person.

The same goes for other artists such as Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan (before drugs and jail) who lip-synced to their tracks while singing live, causing controversy among fans and the media.

Why is it so hard for artists to actually get up on stage and sing without their soundtrack playing in the background? If this is so essential to their performance then they clearly can’t sing and shouldn’t be on stage at all.

Angels and Airwaves lead singer Tom Delonge singing a single from their album "Love" at the Bamboozle Festival.

Last year I attended The Bamboozle Festival where I watched over 20 bands and artists actually sing their songs. Sure, they weren’t exactly in tune half the time and they failed to perfect their pitch at moments, but who cares? Their singing was raw and real, it wasn’t some robotic sounding track.

It was at Bamboozle when I sung, at times screamed, along with the energetic crowd when I realized this is what real, live music is. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent perfect or flawless, it just needs to sound authentic and genuine.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I agree with you. I think artist should have more integrity for the music and their fans. I find the whole lip-sync a total cop out.

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